By Billy West, Jr.

LSU President, Dr. William F. Tate, IV, has been traveling across Central and Northwest Louisiana for the past two days to promote the LSU Scholarship First Agenda and discuss the economic impact of LSU on the State’s economy. The promotional tour by Dr. Tate emphasizes that Louisiana is at the center of many of our nation’s core challenges. Louisiana is filled with an abundance of natural resources and LSU is at the forefront of research regarding agriculture, biomedical issues, coastal preservation and energy production. LSU has become a leader in the field of cybersecurity.

The Scholarship First Agenda emphasizes the rich history of LSU as well as the $6.1 billion dollar total economic impact on the State of Louisiana for 2021-2022.

President Tate is on a mission to explain the economic impact of LSU and to remind citizens that for every dollar invested by the Louisiana Legislature that LSU returns approximately $14.

Specifically, LSU Health Shreveport provides direct economic impact of $600 million in the Shreveport region and a combined economic impact of $2.3 billion of its practicing alumni. LSUHS has a total economic impact of over $3 billion in North Louisiana.

LSU is an economic engine that will help catapult the State of Louisiana and improve the lives of all Louisiana residents. LSU’s commitment to the agriculture industry, biomedical research, coastal preservation, cybersecurity and national defense as well as energy-related research is a great investment for the future of the State of Louisiana.

LSU and Dr. Tate should be applauded for the Scholarship First Agenda and for educating the residents of Louisiana in general and the State Legislature, in particular, on the true treasure and value that is Louisiana State University.

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Event Photos: Kevin’s Gallery