Tell Your Story: The Meaning of Life

By Joshua Webb

For centuries, millennia even, humans from all walks of life, and seemingly every form of faith, have sought the “meaning” of life. I believe there is not just one simple answer. There can be as many “meanings of life” as there are those who seek such a promise. 

My reason: Life can mean something different to each one of us, inasmuch as we evolve and our perspective change, life can take on new meanings. 

As a Texas farmboy, my life was full of days walking through the woods with my dogs or spending countless hours honing my craft as an artist and/or musician/composer. With any one of these activities, my perspective would change. Not only was I growing physically, on my way to being a man, but I was growing in my curiosity as to what would come next. 

A new instrument to learn, new people to meet, new paths through the woods to traverse, always wandering and wondering what would be around the next turn or over the next hill. 

By no coincidence (as I don’t believe in them), my desire for such things has not only continued, but has grown with me. Just as the 80’s classic movie, Short Circuit, and its robot main character “Number 5,” I’ve always been on the endless and often ravenous hunt for more input. 

As my evolution continued; Age, Health, Experience, Spirituality, Perspective…

This is all part of my passion to get others to tell their story. To not only give others information to show they aren’t alone, but to also encourage them to tell their incredible story too. 

Some changes in life seem so effortless, yet they often go unnoticed like just another ripple in the current. While others come upon us as a peaceful stream, it can suddenly become dangerous white water rapids. 

Both are the same body of water, just as both are of the same life. Life is water. We are mostly made of water. We can’t survive without it. Water may take many shapes and paths unknown. Water has many stories that will only be lived and never told.

Just the same, never be afraid to tell your story. You never know where it may take you or who may hear it. That matters. Your story matters. You Matter. 

To tell your story here, reach out to me via email at or through my Instagram @you_matter_ms. We look forward to hearing your story.