Office for Inclusion and Diversity to celebrate Women’s History Month, public invited to attend

Join the Office for Inclusion and Diversity on Wednesday, March 22 at 6 pm in the Student Union Hendricks Room as we celebrate Women’s History Month with a dynamic speaker, Dr. Becky Martinez. Her presentation is titled “Finding Your Voice, Influence, and Liberation.”

Dr. Becky Martinez describes herself as a Mixed Race, Mixed Class Woman of Color and has learned to hold the dynamic of “both/and” due to these identities. In her work as a consultant, facilitator and coach centering social justice, becky values opportunities for people to find their humanity. She creates space for critical reflection and learning to increase self-awareness for sustainable movement and change with the understanding that systems are created and maintained by people, people have the capacity to change, and that change has the capacity to shift systems. Her work provides concepts, skills, and tools to engage systems of power, privilege and oppression for more inclusive and equitable policies, practices, norms, structures and simply, ways of being.

Through her keynote, we hope to inspire, encourage, and empower women to seek leadership and feel confident in any space! All are welcome to attend!