Parish Council Agenda for March 20 Meeting – Tonight

There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Natchitoches Parish Council tonight, March 20, at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in the Council Board Room, #211 on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse.


Council to approve the reappointment of Mrs. Peggy Braxton to the Natchitoches Parish Housing Authority Board.

Council to approve the appointment of Mr. Cory Cason to the Northwest Louisiana Game and Fish Preserve Board.

Council to approve the re-appointment of Mrs. Gloria Waldrup Davis to the Natchitoches Parish Library Board.

New Business:

Introduction of the Plan for the Summer Youth Program.

Council to discuss and vote on the Plan for the Summer Youth Program.

Council to Introduce Ordinance 005-2023 to repeal Ordinance 28-2017 a professional services agreement with Archon Information Systems, L.L.C., D/B/A Civic Source for the administration of an online auction and sale of adjudicated properties program.

Council to Introduce Ordinance 006-2023 to amend the Personnel Manual to add Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) and Juneteenth to the Natchitoches Parish Government observed holidays to be uniformed with the other entities in the Courthouse on State Holiday Closures.

Council to Introduce Ordinance 009-2023 to amend the Personnel Manual to amend wording to the Employees Pay Scale if there’s an increase in the minimum wages.

Council to Introduce Ordinance 007-2023 of the Parish Council creating an Economic Development District within the Parish of Natchitoches to be named the “Economic Development District I, Parish of Natchitoches” (THE “DISTRICT”); defining the Boundaries thereof from which certain area local and potentially State sales defining the boundaries thereof from which certain area local and potentially state sales and use tax increments will be determined and used to Finance Economic Development projects within the District, all as authorized by Part II of Chapter 27 of title 33 of the Louisiana revised statutes of 1950, as amended (The Act) and providing for other matters in connection with the foregoing.

Council to Introduce Ordinance 008-2023 An Ordinance to provide for sale for adjudicated properties; and further providing with respect thereto.


Council to approve a Resolution to continue to qualify for FEMA fundings by adopting the Natchitoches Parish Hazard Mitigation Plan Update.

Other Agenda Items:

Council to approve to authorize the Parish President to sign the CEA with E&P Consulting to be effective upon the repeal of Ordinance 28-2017.

Council to approve the Board of Commerce and Industry Approval Notice (“Notice”) Tax Exemption Application #20210507-ITE – $39,810, 384 for Alliance Compressors.

Council to approve the Alliance Compressors Board of Commerce and Industry Approval Notice (“Notice”) Tax Exemption Application #20180503-ITE – $2,281,841 for Alliance Compressors.

Council to approve the Natchitoches Times as the parish official journal.

Council to approve Natchitoches Parish Government to enter in agreement for a Bin Site with Dan Roque at 280 Highway 491 in Cloutierville.

Council to approve the distribution of an RFQ for the selection of a firm to complete load ratings and repair plans for Parish bridges over a period of 3 years. The purpose of this RFQ is to ensure that a contractual agreement is in place to expedite bridge repair plans and specifications as needed, and minimize the time associated with these repair projects.

Visitors for Non-Agenda Items:

Calvin Braxton- Summer Youth Program
Billy Garland- Old River North and Smith Island Road.