Inmate escapes after sentencing for simple escape

A Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Inmate that is no stranger to escape attempts, escaped a Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Detention Center transport van on March 28 while being transported to the detention center following a 2-day jury trial according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Stuart Wright.
According to Natchitoches Parish District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, 33-year-old Kenneth D. Hardy was found guilty today of Simple Escape during a two-day jury trial in Natchitoches District Court.
According to Natchitoches Parish Detention Center Major Roger Henson, this afternoon at approximately 5:50pm, Corrections Deputies were transporting Kenneth Hardy following his jury trial conviction from the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center in a transport van.
Hardy was handcuffed and propertly restrained, however, while in transport he apparently manipulated and opened the door, then quickly escaped the van.
Corrections Deputies quickly radioed for assistance.
Deputies and Natchitoches Police were able to comb the area and capture Hardy on University Parkway near Howell Street at approximately 5:58pm.
There were no injuries.
Hardy who has at least 3 other escape attempts in the past, was transported and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center on the conviction of Simple Escape, and new criminal charges of Simple Escape and Resisting an Officer.
Sheriff Wright thanks all deputies and Natchitoches Police that were involved in the quick apprehension of Hardy this afternoon.
Photo: File Photo