Lakeview EF Tour Fundraiser

Lakeview High School is providing students with the exciting opportunity to travel the world through EF Tours. EF tour guides take students to places like New York, Washington DC, Paris, Rome, and more.  This group was created to allow students to see different cultures and gain different perspectives of the world.  However, this can only happen with the support of the community and donations.  

Any funds received will be used to help students pay for the cost of their trip.  In 2024, students, teachers and other chaperones will travel to New York and Washington DC, and the cost for each student is a little over $2,500 per student for a five day trip. The cost includes airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, 3 meals per day, and entrance to all attractions.  All of these tours are directly related to education and development of youth.  Just one day of this trip will cover a multitude of educational experiences.  Day One stops include the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Smithsonian Museum, Lincoln Memorial and much more, and this is all just Day one.  These in-person, hands-on experiences can create meaningful learning experiences.  

EF Tours has been bringing these possibilities to life for over 55 years.  Students and staff will be working on fundraising efforts for the next several months.  Please consider donating to this cause online at