ELECTION: April 29, 2023

Kathrin Holden – Registrar of Voters


1. Consolidated School District No. 8 (7 Mills Renewal- 10 Yrs.)
2. School District No. 9 (7 Mills Renewal- 10 Yrs.)
3. Parishwide School District (7 Mills Renewal- 10 Yrs.)
4. Parishwide Propostion (8 Mills In-Lieu 10 Yrs.)
5. Parishwide Hospital Service District Proposition (5.31 Mills Continuation- 10 Yrs.) The deadline to Register ONLINE using (geauxvote) is 4/8/2023

Early Voting for all interested voters in this districts will be conducted in the Registrar of Voters Office located at 200 Church Street Rm #103 in the Natchitoches Parish Court House Building, Saturday APRIL 15, 2023 thru Saturday APRIL 22, 2023 from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM  (CLOSED ON SUNDAY APRIL 16, 2023)..

Absentee Voting by mail is intended for voters who will be out of the Parish on Election Day and the week of Early Voting, or if a person is over age 65, or has a mobility impaired ID card (must provide copy). Fax request to: 318-357-2212 or Mail to: Registrar of Voters Office, P.O. Box 677, Natchitoches, LA 71458.

Last day to make a written request for an Absentee Ballot by mail: APRIL 25, 2023 by 4:30 PM written request forms can be downloaded at http://www.sos.ls.gov under “ELECTIONS” click on the “VOTE” link; click on “VOTE BY MAIL”; click on “APPLICATION TO VOTE BY MAIL”.

Your request must include: Voter’s·Name, Natchitoches Parish Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, or Drivers License Number, Reason the Ballot is being requested, Election Date (APRIL 29, 2023), Address to mail Ballot, and Voters Signature.

Mail and Hand delivered Ballots must be returned to Registrar of Voters Office by 4:30 PM the day before the Election. (APRIL 28, 2023) Military and Overseas Ballots must be returned before noon of Election Day.

Please Call Registrar of Voters Office for Additional Information (318) 357-2211

Kathrin Holden
Registrar of Voters