UPDATED NOTICE: Northwestern State University Tenured Faculty – Retirement/Resignation Incentive Plan

UPDATE: May 3, 2023

Attached – Northwestern State University Tenured Faculty – Retirement/Resignation Incentive Plan – Fall 2023; University of Louisiana System Policy Number FS-111.11.G-1

ORIGINAL: May 2, 2023

TO: Northwestern State University Classified Employees

Subject: General Notice of Impending Layoff Avoidance Measure


Date: May 1, 2023

In accordance with the requirements of Civil Service Rule 17.5(a), notice is hereby given of an impending layoff avoidance measure to be implemented at Northwestern State University for its classified employees. The plan for this layoff avoidance measure is being submitted to Civil Service for approval. This measure is necessary because of a projected decline in student enrollment for the upcoming semesters creating a significant financial challenge for the University. We hope that by adopting this measure we will avert the need for layoffs.

We are proposing to offer a Retirement Incentive Plan for classified employees who meet retirement eligibility as defined by the State of Louisiana.

Once the layoff avoidance plan has been approved by the Director of State Civil Service, the plan will be made generally available to eligible classified employees.

Any questions concerning this matter should be directed to Ruth Chatman, Human Resources Director, at 318-357-4199, Tina Knueppel, Human Resource Analyst, at 318-357-4052 or by email at retirement@nsula.edu.

We regret the need for this action.

Human Resources