DA announces guilty verdict after 5-day jury trial

District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced that a 10th Judicial District Court jury returned a guilty verdict in an armed robbery case. Jaleel Tousant, 25 of Natchitoches, was convicted of principal to armed robbery. The verdict relates to a January 2020 robbery that occurred on Short Seventh Street in Natchitoches. Tousant was charged along with two co-defendants with the planning and following through with the robbery. Prior to the robbery charge, Tousant was previously convicted of home invasion, accessory to aggravated burglary, battery of a correctional facility employee, and illegal possession of stolen things. Judge Desiree Dyess set a sentencing date of June 22. Prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Richard Bray Williams and Special Assistant District Attorney, Clifford R. Strider, III.