Gabe Firment: No one has the right to harm a child

Statement on Governor Edwards’ Veto of HB648

“Although I am disappointed to see that Governor Edwards vetoed HB648, the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act”, I am confident that my colleagues in the state legislature will listen to the demands of their
constituents and come together to override this egregious veto. HB648 passed both chambers of the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, and 20 other states around the nation have already passed similar legislation to protect their children. This common sense legislation simply protects
children from medical experimentation in the form of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and
irreversible surgeries. Children do not have the maturity or mental capacity to consent to life-altering medical procedures that often lead to sterilization and other serious physical and mental conditions.

A few weeks ago, when HB648 was temporarily killed by a Senate committee, the people of our great
state rose up and with one united voice told their legislators to “Stop Harming Our Kids”. Faith leaders, parents, grandparents, grassroots organizations, and regular folks from across Louisiana demanded
action and HB648 was resurrected and sent to the governor. This veto is only another temporary
setback if legislators will again heed the demands of their constituents and fight for the children of
Louisiana. No one has the right to harm a child!”

Gabe Firment
District 22 State Representative
June 30, 2023

District 22 Office
181 Barron Road
Pollock, LA 71467
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