Once More Into the Breach-For a Good Cause!

It was a soggy time indeed for Mayor Williams and other elected officials, candidates, and civic leaders at the 4-H dunking booth held in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market, Saturday, July 15. The event was held to raise money and canned food donations for the 4-H Foundation’s Free Little Pantry. The pantry is open to all in need and is located by the LSU Ag Extension Office on Second St.

Representatives from the Natchitoches Police and Fire departments sat in the booth and got to beat the summer heat with a refreshing dip into the dunk tank administered by well-aimed softballs. They were joined by a representative from the Sheriff’s office and each of the candidates for Sheriff. City Councilwoman Betty Sawyer-Smith was dunked several times by hard-throwing youngsters.

Mayor Ronnie Williams was shown absolutely no mercy by his children or First Lady Tiffany Williams, all of whom repeatedly sent him splashing into the tank. City Director of Development Randy Lacaze was shown a soggy time by his daughter and grandson as well as several city employees.

The dunking record of the day, and possibly for all time, was “earned” by city councilman Eddie Harrington who went into the water over 50 times. He fell victim to a wide variety of aquatic assailants, including the mayor and a visiting softball player here for a tournament. In addition to his wife and children, Councilman Harrington’s own mom dunked him. He is also the only dunked to be splashed by a celebrity, Natchitoches’ own Johnny Earthquake.

The dunking booth, owned by the city and allowed to be used by a different non-profit each year, helped the 4-H Foundation raise over $400.00 and over 100 cans of food for the Little Free Pantry. The 4-H organization is indeed “Changing Lives Every Day!”