Natchitoches Central Students Earn Impressive Advanced Placement Scores, Beat State Average

The academic accolades just keep on rolling for Natchitoches Central students.  NCHS recently received their Advanced Placement score reports from the College Board. (AP courses are college preparatory courses that offer a more rigorous curriculum for students who choose to enroll.)  AP exams (scored 1-5) are taken at the end of course and offer students who score a 3 or better the opportunity to receive college credit for the course taken.  This is also a great indication of college readiness and preparedness, as AP exams are notoriously challenging.

24 of the 45 NCHS students taking the AP exam scored a 3 or higher, which is 53.3% for NCHS compared to the state average of 44.8%!  13 students scored a 3, 10 students scored a 4, with one outstanding score of 5.  The NCHS mean score of 2.6 for the exam far outpaced the state average of 2.41.

NCHS is proud of its students and teachers for their outstanding merit.  College readiness is definitely at the forefront of priorities but promoting student growth through a challenging curriculum exists for all students at Natchitoches Central.

Students scoring “3” or higher on AP exam:

Anniston Broadway                         Noah Martinez          

Molly Coleman                             Bethanne Methvin

Caden Conley                              Bailey Newlee

Joshua Durr                                Erica O’Bannon

Taylor Eubanks                             Chelsea Perritt

Izabella Friday                              Summer Richardson

Emma Giddens                             Imari Roque

Brantley Gray                              Shelbi Sampson

Aubrey Houghtby                           Na’Riaya Sowell

Hayden Jackson                            Claire Thompson

Brycen Jones                              Shilah Vance

T’Naija Lacy                               Caleb Weaver