The Chicken Project

By Katie Bedgood, Lakeview FFA Chapter Member

About a year ago I decided I wanted to raise my own chickens. So I got some help from my friend Reagan Dupree and together we were able to build the chicken coop. It took us about a week to build because we got the supplies  from someone who no longer had any use for their chicken pin. So we took it apart and rebuilt it in my backyard. When the pin was finally completed I received my first set of chickens. I raised them in a brooder until they were finally old enough to be put inside the coop. Sadly a few days later something got in and ate all my chickens. So a few months later me and my friend were back at it. We put more chicken wire around the outside of the pin and made sure there were absolutely no holes or anyway another animal could get in the pin. I got my next set of  baby chicks from someone at my church who raises chickens. I kept them in the brooder for  a couple of months and then it was finally time for them to go in the pin. And this time everything went perfect. My chickens have recently begun laying eggs so I started them on a laying feed a couple of weeks ago. I have really enjoyed raising and learning about chickens and can’t wait to continue.