There’s Lots to Learn with Your Library Card

Need help learning a new language? Looking for live tutors, job search assistance, and academic and career resources at no cost? Your local library has got you covered! All you need is your free Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) card. Don’t have one yet? Simply text “LIBRARYCARD” to 318-357-3280.

With an NPL card, anyone residing, learning, or working in Natchitoches Parish can access a range of valuable resources. Pronunciator is available for online language learning, Homework Louisiana provides live tutoring for grades K-College, and the LearningExpress Library offers study and test-prep tools.

To access Pronunciator, visit>E-Books & More>Digital Resources. Once registered, you will have access to 163 languages! Pronunciator is designed by language teachers and offers various learning options: Daily Lessons for quick sessions, Personalized Courses customized to your interests, occupation, goals, and schedule, Main Course with structured drills, quizzes, audio lessons, movies, and music, and Learning Guides featuring 8-week courses, city tours, interactive grammar, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate learner, or simply refreshing your skills, Pronunciator and your library card can set you on the road to success.

If you or your child needs assistance with math homework, an English paper, job searching, or test preparation, the NPL’s Homework Louisiana database is the place to go. Through Homework LA, NPL patrons can access a variety of academic resources from From kindergarten through college, students can receive help in math, science, social studies, reading, and English from live tutors available seven days a week, from 2 PM until midnight. The Homework LA Online Classroom is optimized for one-on-one learning, offering real-time chat, an interactive whiteboard, and useful math tools like drag-and-drop shapes, equations, graphing paper, and more. Students and tutors can even share files and browse educational resources together.

Homework LA also provides one-on-one, real-time assistance with job searching. Get help navigating online job sites, completing applications, writing or reviewing resumes and cover letters, and even participating in practice interviews.

To access Homework LA with your NPL card, visit>E-Books & More>Homework Help.

Preparing for a subject test, licensing exam, or the ACT/SAT? LearningExpress Library is the perfect resource. It offers various learning centers tailored to individual needs. The School Center provides skill-building resources for classroom and homework success, categorized into elementary, middle, and high school assistance. Students can focus on specific areas they need help with, such as American History, Geometry, or Word Analogies.

Additionally, LearningExpress Library features the College Admissions Test Preparation Center, where students can practice for important exams like the ACT, SAT, AP Tests, and more. The center offers test prep tutorials, timed and untimed practice tests, and up-to-date test prep eBooks for further study.

Everything you need is accessible at>E-Books & More>LearningExpress Library.

Let’s make this school year a year of excellence and growth! Grab your NPL card and start exploring these valuable resources today.