Dear Edwin Crayton

Dear Sir

In regards to your opinion piece on ‘Christians should stand up against LGBTQ+ & Women’s Abortions Movements’

Respectfully, I appreciate your opinion, and I hope you are ready for mine, as well as others to be held up for a debate to your words.

First off, I do NOT like labels but I will introduce myself. I am a 55 year old, Christian, white, registered voter, legally married (to a woman of 15 years), gay, mother of a handsome 12 year old adopted black boy. Currently, all of those labels are UNIMPORTANT, I am a human, first and foremost – the ONLY label that applies.

My family lives in the town of Natchitoches and owns a home, pays taxes and contributes not only to the financial support of the town, but to the community in many thoughtful and charitable ways. While we are transplants from Los Angeles, we sought out a small town feel for our boy who is extremely proud to be a Natchitoches citizen.

Should your opinion prevail, I will then simply be a divorced, white, motherless woman living in extreme grief because everything I know and love has now been stripped from me. My marriage, my faith, my rights as a voter, and my child. One of two mixing Mommies he’s had since he was 7 days old.

We live in a country that was founded on the rights of all to have freedom. In addition to that founding, over time it has been inherently important that our ancestors and ourselves fight for the RIGHTS of those who were deemed less than human; slavery, women, children and oppression. Giving our Nation a balance of Equality in so many facets.

It saddens me at your age that you feel the need to strip away the humanity in my life when I have continually voted for and stood up for your rights as a black man. I not only did this because I am a human being who does not see color, but sees humanity – I did it because my faith tells me we are all children of God, and should be treated with equality. And I am here to protect my brothers and sisters in the Lord AND those who do not even believe in my faith. I live my life judgement free because my faith has told me that at the end of our lives, God will make the final judgement.

While we are here…. We are to live as Christ-like as possible. Love each other as He loved all, welcoming and forgiving in all ways. Because at the end of the day, that action will be far more profound than standing on a moral high ground being judge and jury.

My own parents, who are staunch Christians (that do not believe in Gay marriage or abortion), love us deeply and understand that we DESERVE our rights for equality as human beings. They look at us through the eyes of the constitution and separately through the eyes of Religion and do NOT permit them to mix. HUMAN RIGHTS are the in-ate rights of EVERY human being regardless of religion choice.

One simple question to you, Sir. Why do you feel it so important to affect my life with such hate? Where does that hatred stem from? Fear, ignorance? Maybe we should meet and have a cup of coffee. I’m certain with the depth of love in my heart, you will walk away in quiet silence as to why you even started this opinion piece.


Cheriestelle Summer Dodd


All Christians are called to oppose the LGBTQ and Abortion Movements, but to do so nonviolently