L.P. Vaughn Elementary School Holds Its Open House

“From small beginnings come great things.” That motto greets every student and visitor to L.P. Vaugn Elementary School. It might be called an elementary school, but there is nothing elementary or easy in what goes on inside. Young men and women in the critical pre-k to 2nd grade years are learning skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Several hundred L.P. Vaughn students and their families gathered at the school for an open house on Thursday, August 17.

Second-year principal Carissa Davis introduced her faculty and staff and outlined some of the goals she has for the school and its students. The children and their families then went to their teacher’s classroom to meet their teachers and see what learning adventures await.

The leadership of L.P. Vaughn has put in place some ambitious plans to raise the school’s testing scores. There is a wholly new curriculum in place. The school will offer multiple sessions of professional development throughout the year to keep faculty skills sharp. In addition, L.P. Vaughn has performance coaches who will be working across the school to assist teachers. In addition, there is a nurse from the Outpatient Medical Center assigned to the school to look after the children’s health. The school is singularly focused on imparting reading and math skills that will be a firm foundation for the children as they progress through school and through life. It all starts here.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes all the best to the young men and women at L.P. Vaughn as they lay the foundation for future success.