NSU Inferno Pitch is back

Northwestern State University’s Inferno Pitch competition is back. The Inferno Pitch, sponsored by the School of Business, is a business model competition intended to provide students with practical experience in entrepreneurship and increase innovation. Students will submit business models, attend business development workshops and pitch their concept to a panel of judges.   

The competition is free to enter and open to students in NSU’s College of Business and Technology, including online students.  Students may apply as individuals or as a team. To encourage cross disciplinary collaborations, non-business students can participate but teams mut have at least one School of Business member.  If a team cannot locate a School of Business student, they should contact Dr. Carmella Parker at parkerc@nsula.edu for direction. 

The top three finalists will be awarded cash prizes, $3,000 for the first place, $1,000 for the second place and $500 for third place, and six months of professional services from the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program.  

Information, guidelines and important dates can be accessed at https://moodle.nsula.edu/course/view.php?id=46128.   

Winners of the Inferno Pitch will be able to compete in The Pelican Cup, a statewide business plan competition.  The winner of that event can win $50,000 for first place, $25,000 for second place and for third place $10,000.  Any prize amount is to be split between the winning team members.   A team faculty advisor is also required. The first through third-place faculty advisors will be awarded $3,000.  There is also a live pitch competition.  The winner of this could win $2,000.00.     

Information on the Pelican Cup is available at https://www.ulm.edu/news/2023/pelican_cup_081523.html.  

Earlier this year, the NSU team of Matthew Gamble (inventor and team leader), Hayden Stanley and Alexander Brownwon the Pelican Cup and $25000 for Rise and Rotate, a mobility assistance device that helps individuals with limited mobility in getting from a bed to a chair.