Safe Streets and Roads for All-Natchitoches Needs YOUR Help!

Do you have any ideas as to how the City of Natchitoches can improve traffic safety? Here’s your chance to make your voice heard-and help your city at the same time! The City of Natchitoches held the first of three meetings concerning the Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant Tuesday, September 12 at the City Council Chambers. The meetings are designed to both inform the public about the grants and to solicit their input as to what needs should be addressed by any grant funds awarded. The grants are intended to assist municipalities in reducing traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities by such means as better road design, proper speed limits and education.

The city is one of only 11 cities in Louisiana and one of approximately 373 cities in the country to be awarded a planning grant to complete a Safety Action Plan under “Safe Streets and Roads for All.” The $350,000.00 grant ($280,000.00 in federal funds and $70,000.00 in city funds) will be used to produce a comprehensive plan addressing the city’s traffic safety needs. The completion of the plan is a prerequisite to applying for an implementation grant. These grants will total five billion dollars over the next five years. Obtaining some of those funds would be a wonderful opportunity for our city.

Natchitoches needs our help. There are eight required components of the grant application. One of them is Public Engagement. The federal government requires that the citizens of an applying municipality have an opportunity to give input as to how they intend to spend any funds awarded. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to help our city have a quality grant application and also have a say in how to improve a critical aspect of life in our community. The remaining two meetings are as follows:

9/14/2023 – 5:30PM – First Baptist Church, 1116 Amulet St.

9/14/2023 – 7:00PM – Trinity Baptist Church, 527 Howard Street

The Safe Streets and Roads Action Plan website may be viewed at Persons can learn more about the plan as well as make comments and suggestions using the site.