State fire marshal relaxes outdoor cooking restrictions for tailgaters

While the statewide burn ban remains in effect, the state fire marshal has relaxed some restrictions for outdoor cooking.

According to the fire marshal’s office, “Louisiana residents can resume outdoor cooking with safety measures in place. These measures include using contained cooking equipment like grills and smokers, designed for cooking purposes only, on a flame-resistant surface with a water source or fire extinguisher nearby. The fuel source for this equipment (propane, charcoal, pellets, etc.) is not a factor in its acceptable use. The use of open flames in fire pits, campfires, barrels, bonfires, burn piles, and like open burning is still prohibited.”

Northwestern State encourages all fans who plan to tailgate ahead of Saturday’s 6 p.m. home opener against Stephen F. Austin to do so safely. If necessary, fans may seek alternative catering options, including preparing food off-site.

For more information on the statewide burn ban, visit here.

To purchase tickets for the game, visit or contact the Northwestern State Athletic Ticket Office at 318-357-4268.