Hello Natchitoches Parish Residents!

I encourage everyone to vote on October 14. Please vote # 52, Latorria S Freeman.

It is vital to have your voices heard in this upcoming election. Natchitoches Parish needs a big change in leadership. We need someone who will work for the people and represent ALL people despite our differences in opinions, lifestyles, race, and socioeconomic status. We need to come together and demand more from our leaders. Your votes on October 14 will send a clear message that we are ready for change.

As your Parish President, I will represent all residents in Natchitoches Parish respectfully and treat others as I would like to be treated. I will fight for what is ours on local, state, and federal levels. I am a fair person who will work together with others to develop a plan and solution and prioritize those solutions with businesses and people within the parish. I will lead with integrity, openness, accountability, and inclusiveness.

Being able to work with others is critical to moving this parish forward. Developing working relationships with all employers will help to grow and strengthen our economy.

Natchitoches Parish needs a strong administrator who will work to bridge the gap between parish government and all the different communities within the parish. Someone who will represent all citizens of Natchitoches Parish, not just a select few. Someone who will not compromise their values and who will stand on inclusion, sustainable development, equal rights, social justice, and economic opportunities. Someone who will bring the community together by showing acceptance to all citizens. Someone who is proud to be a Natchitoches Parish native and wants what is best for the community. Natchitoches Parish needs someone who will work with and for the people to improve their quality of life.
The rural areas need safe roads for our residents. Most of the residents I have talked with only ask for a little. Most want the bare minimum, and that’s a better quality of life. They want to drive on safe roads and get to and from their homes, schools, churches, places of business, and work without dreading rainy days or additional expenses for car repairs. The residents of Natchitoches Parish want to have high-speed internet and clean water systems.

To the community of Natchitoches Parish, I ask that you do something different than what has been done over the years. If we continue doing the same things, we will get the same results.

Let’s be frank: no one can fix the roads if we do not have the money, but with the right people in office, we can do our best with what we have, create new funding opportunities, and seek savings within the current budget.

The infrastructure problems have been neglected for years, and now is the time to face this problem head-on with the community’s support.

We are in this together, and we will overcome these challenges together.

On October 14, I ask you to vote for #52, Latorria S. Freeman, for Parish President.