NSU’s “Partial Eclipse Watch Party” – Hands-On Learning and Family Fun!

Ms. Brielle Carreira Observes the solar eclipse.

Dr. Chad Thibodeaux of NSU’s Chemistry Department hosted a “Partial Eclipse Watch Party” Saturday, October 14, on the lawn outside of Fournet Hall. During the approximately two hours the eclipse was visible, watch party members could observe the eclipse with special glasses and two telescopes. One of the telescopes, a hydrogen-Alpha model, also enabled viewers to see erupting solar flares. The other telescope, a 6-inch reflector, enabled observation of sunspots. Dr. Thibodeaux explained about the different types of eclipses, solar flares and sunspots as children and their parents watched the moon partially cover the sun.

The Eclipse Watch Party was quality family fun for the parents and children who stopped by. It is also exactly the kind of fun, hands-on activity that might spark an interest in science in a young mind. Activities like this are part and parcel of NSU’s mission as a regional university. Well done!