Who is Latorria Freeman?

I am Parish President Candidate Latorria Freeman: Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur.  I was born here in Natchitoches to parents Margie Howard Pier and Walter Gay. I have many siblings and one son, Onterio Pier. I am a proud Natchitoches Central Chief from the class of 1995, where friends just called me “Tori.”  I lived in Natchitoches until I was about 19, and first relocated to Dallas, Tx, and started my career.  I later married my husband James Freeman Jr. and moved to Detroit, Michigan, for seven years before deciding to move back home to Natchitoches.

Professionally, I have obtained ten certifications, including auditing and risk adjustment. I am a self-published author, owner of two copyrights and two trademarks, and am the owner of a community-based newspaper that I fully publish and manage. I have always prided myself on being an example that ANYTHING is possible. I have a strong faith in God, and He is where I find my strength to face any task placed before me. We all know that it will require money to get things done. We need to reestablish trust within the community and seek assistance on local, state, and federal levels. Under my leadership, I’ll provide expertise in finding savings opportunities and will rely on the skills of others to create and develop plans to start addressing long-overdue issues within this Parish.

Although new to politics, my passion for unifying the community and assisting Natchitoches Parish with moving into the 21st century is far bigger than my fear of failing at something new.

It is in that passion, my strong administrative background, my leadership skills, and my inclusive approach to all people that I believe, with the right team of experts, Natchitoches Parish should start to see improvements in our quality of life. Collaborative efforts are key in addressing infrastructure issues, economic development, and strengthening relationships with potential partners for our Parish. Currently, the Parish has a modern approach to government with the Home Rule Charter that, under my leadership, would remain.

My platform is unifying the community, bridging the gap between rural and city areas, and providing transparency to rebuild the trust of the community with the Parish Government.

This Parish needs a leader who is self-accountable and will bring new energy. The “good ole boy” approach to government has not worked and change in this approach is desperately needed.

Natchitoches Parish needs a leader who realizes that it is critical that we, as a community, start setting positive examples and at least begin the process of repairing infrastructure and creating opportunities for future generations.

If I am elected as your next Parish President, I say to the community that I will take this role seriously and will respectfully work with the Council members, staff, and other knowledgeable community leaders. Strong leadership is what is going to get things done in this Parish!

Please consider voting for #52, Latorria S Freeman, for Parish President.

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