Let Us Begin a New Tradition at NSU!

Kevin Shannahan/Opinion

Saturday’s volleyball match against McNeese was aa absolute joy to witness. While the end result was not as we would have wished, the match was superbly played on both sides, taking a full 5 sets to finally determine a victor. The players were on fire. The Spirit of Northwestern Band tried to blow the roof off Prather. The Dazzlers, Pom Line, and cheerleaders never stopped. Every time a McNeese player attempted to serve, a volcano of noise erupted. As I watched and listened, an idea began to form.

I would like to propose the following to the NSU leadership. From this year forward, every female sport as well as the Track and Field team, has at least one of their home games or matches fully supported by the university to the same extent as a home football game – band, spirit groups, the whole nine yards.
This is not only the right thing to do, but it would also be good for the university as well. This would be a wonderful way to set us apart from other institutions. From volleyball to soccer, softball, track and field, tennis and women’s basketball, it is time to “Go, ye Demons take the field”!