Natchitoches Sheriff’s Office graduates first Front Line Leadership Class

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office celebrated a historic moment with the graduation of its inaugural Front Line Leadership class on Nov. 9. Facilitated by the Human Resources Division, this 10-module leadership development initiative is the first of its kind at the agency.
This milestone not only celebrates individual accomplishments but also highlights the agency’s dedication to continuous improvement, said Sheriff Wright.
The Front Line Leadership program equips new and current supervisors with practical tools to enhance communication, reduce conflict, and improve employee performance. Participants learn skills such as delivering clear direction, coaching employees, and providing effective feedback, all with the ultimate goal of fostering employee engagement and satisfaction.
HR Director Joe Hamilton expressed his excitement: “The Front Line Leadership program underscores our commitment to effective leadership within our ranks, ensuring our team is well-prepared to navigate the unique challenges.”
Pictured: Sgt. Stacy Cruz, Communications Supervisor Kim Green, Deputy Felecia White, Sgt. Garret Murchinson, Major Chad Nelson, Sgt. Eric Mogridge, Sgt. David Dorsey, Lt. Jonathan Byles, Sgt. Earnest Sowell and Sheriff Stuart Wright. Not pictured: Lt. J. Roberts.