Lakeview Air Force JRTOC cadets build drones

Lakeview High School’s Air Force JRTOC cadets are building their Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), otherwise known as Drones. As part of the Aerospace Science component of the program, this year’s JROTC curriculum is focused on the Science of Flight. During the class, they learned how heavier-than-air flight is achieved and how the physics of flight works. Now, the cadets are applying some of their knowledge by building and eventually flying drones as a part of their class. They will train to pilot their drones by utilizing flight simulator software in the classroom. But before they take off into the wild blue yonder, cadets must also pass the FAA Recreational Safety Test (TRUST).

The goal is to inspire students to pursue jobs in STEM fields, such as mechanic, electrician, coder, etc… and to include drone piloting.  There are many good-paying careers out there that do not require a four-year degree.  Cadets with a strong desire to pursue this career path could graduate high school with an FAA Part 107 pilot license enabling them to work as full-time drone pilots for companies in many different industries.