30+ ACT Scores, Perfect LEAP Scores, State Rally Winners-NCHS is Running Out of Room

The young men and women of Natchitoches Central High School continue to produce solid academic results, giving Principal Micah Coleman a perplexing, if pleasant, problem. The school is running out of room in its atrium to hang banners recognizing its students who achieve at a high academic level

Ten NCHS students have scored a 30 or higher on the ACT, with one student earning a nearly perfect score of 35, only 1 point away from a perfect score of 36. To put that in perspective, a score of 30 is in the 93rd percentile. That means ten young men and women from NCHS achieved a score better than 93 percent of all the students who took the test.

Twenty NCHS students have earned perfect LEAP scores, with several earning perfect scores in more than one subject. In addition, 2 NCHS students were state winners at the literary rally.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal has long maintained that the children of our parish are as capable as any and will rise to any challenge placed before them. It is a joy to watch that unfolding. There is every reason to believe a student from NCHS will earn a National Merit Scholarship in the next few years. Ladies and gentlemen, keep working and striving. We will find a place for the banners. Go Chiefs!