NPD Arrests Two Women on Drug Charges During Reported Disturbance

On March 25, 2015 during the early morning hours NPD Officers responded to a disturbance located at 415 Winona St. the residence of Ms. Christine Charles.   Upon arrival officers began smelling a strong odor of what they suspected to be Marijuana.  Furthermore, while speaking with the owner of the residence, Ms. Charles, officers observed a suspected marijuana cigarette within an ash tray.  Officers then stated that Ms. Charles later admitted to smoking marijuana and advised the officers that additional burned marijuana cigarettes were present within her residence.  Ms. Charles’ admission led officers to obtain a search warrant for the search of Ms. Charles’ residence.  While executing the search warrant officers discovered two clear bags containing what they suspected to be methamphetamine and numerous medicine bottles containing various medications.  In addition, officers discovered that some medicine bottles had names removed or obliterated while others were prescribed to persons other than Ms. Charles.  As a result all of the suspected methamphetamine and the medicine bottles were seized along with suspected marijuana cigarettes.

Christine Charles, thirty-nine (39) years of age, of 415 Winona St., Natchitoches, LA was taken into custody for violation of LA R.S. 40:966 Possession of Marijuana, (Two Counts) of LA. R.S. 40:969 Possession of CDS Schedule IV, LA R.S. 40:970 Possession of CDS Schedule V, (Seven Counts) of LA R.S. 40:1238.1 Possession of Legend Drug, LA R.S. 40:1023 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, LA R.S. 14:104 Keeping A Disorderly Place.  Ms. Charles was later transported to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.

Furthermore, while on call at the Charles Residence officers spoke with Quanteria Allen also of 415 Winona St.  Officers reported that during their conversation with Ms. Allen a small yellow, oval pill fell from her person onto the floor.  Ms. Allen admitted that she had no prescription for the pill in-question which was suspected by officers to be Hydrocodone.

Quanteria Allen, nineteen (19) years of age, of 415 Winona St., Natchitoches, LA was taken into custody for violation of LA R.S. 40:967 Possession of CDS Schedule II.  Ms. Allen was also transported to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center and later released on a Five Thousand Dollar ($5000.00) Property Bond.

If anyone has any additional information about this incident they are urged to contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101.  All calls shall be kept confidential.

NPD: Press Release