School Board Meeting – May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015

Superintendent/Staff Reports

Anita Dubois presented the awards for Students of the Year for 5th, 8th and 12th graders throughout the Parish.

Teacher and Support Staff of the Year were also recognized.

Band director from Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School recognized a few members of the band for receiving all Superior scores for the first time and receiving excellent scores at the State Festival.

Approved: Advertise for bids for 50 X 210 plot of land located in the Northeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter, Section 34, Township 5 North, Range 6 West (old Mora School location previously retained for the community).

Finance, facilities, services & insurance report

Take Appropriate action bids: All Approved

  1. Providing and installing plenum category 6 cabling for Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center.
  2. Providing and installing vinyl tile floor covering for selected areas of Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center.
  3. Providing and installing various kitchen equipment for Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center.
  4. Additions and alternations to Provencal Elementary and Junior High School.


2014-2015 General Fund budget revisions.

2014-2015 School Food Services Budget.

Approved: Request of Mr. Joe Mitchell, Fr. To relinquish lease on 1.743 acres of property located in Section 2, township 10 North, Range 10 West (i-49 and LA Highway 174).

Approved: request for Mr. Manjit Singh Warar to assume and extend the lease on the above listed property.

Executive Report:

Receive update on the district website- there is work to be done but they are headed in the right direction.

Timing and possible agenda items for the Board retreat (June 20th)

Timing and procedure for the superintendent’s evaluation

***Updates on the investigation of the event that took place at Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center on March 16, 2015. Vote to bring issue into executive session did not pass with a 2/3 vote. President urged anyone with questions or concerns to contact Mr. Skinner directly and make an appointment with him.