Cane River Green Market – May is National Salad Month

SaladMonthThe Cane River Green Market is off to a great start!  The vendors have supplied a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as kale, radishes, tomatoes, okra, lettuce, squash and more, while our craft and value-added vendors have not disappointed with fine, hand-crafted jewelry, delicious jams and jellies, and refreshing milk and eggs.  Whatever your grocery needs, you are sure to find them at the Cane River Green Market!

May is National Salad Month, a tasty reminder to eat more green, leafy vegetables.  Salads are a delicious, customizable, healthy treat perfect for lunch, dinner or a go-to snack!  Be sure when you are at the Cane River Green Market to pick up all the trimmings for your salad such as lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, radishes, and cucumbers.  For delicious salad suggestions, click here –