Cane River Lake Update – 05-20-15 08:45a

The lake is now at 99.5 MSL and falling.  The Spillway is still open and backwater is still on the rise.  Water is over the concrete structure on the downstream side of the spillway.  We had no measurable rainfall last night.  Rain is still in the forecast.  At this point please watch your property for boats that are over retaining walls, and on top of docks, piers, walkways to make sure as the lake drops they recede with the water.  How fast the lake will drop is very difficult and challenging to say, as there are too many variables.   At this point as long as the spillway can remain open, and we receive no measurable rainfall the lake will continue to drop.  I will keep you posted on the lake status.  The lake has to drop to 98.5 MSL and falling before it will reopen to boat traffic.
For questions and more information contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235 cell, 318-379-2878 home, 318-357-3007 office.
Betty Fuller
Cane River Patrol