Natchitoches Police Department to Issue Police Body Camera’s

BodyCamCitizens of the City of Natchitoches shall soon see an addition to all officers’ uniforms within the Traffic and Patrol Division of the Natchitoches Police Department.  According to Chief Micky Dove the police department has purchased and is currently in the process of training officers in the care, maintenance, and use of uniform mounted police body cameras.  Chief Dove added that by implementing the use of the police body cameras that the department would be able to accurately document how officers talk and interact with the citizens of our city.  In addition, he added that overall goal is to make the police department a better agency which serves all citizens professionally at all times.

Chief Dove went on to state, “as public servants each police officer has a sworn duty not only to protect our citizens but each officer has an obligation to serve each citizen of our city to the best of his or her ability.  The implementation of the use of the police body cameras shall serve as a great asset which shall be utilized as a tool which increases the overall transparency within the ranks of the police department.  The police body cameras shall leave no doubt as to what happens during police interactions with citizens because the events shall be captured on camera and held as evidence”.

Statistics in reference to the use of police body cameras have shown that the vast majority of all police agencies which have implemented the use of police body cameras experienced significant drops in the number of citizen complaints filed against police officers.

Micky Dove
Chief of Police
Natchitoches Police Department

Press Release: NPD

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