NSU in the Top Five!

NorthwesternState-Seal-rgbNorthwestern State University has been named one of the top five online master’s degree programs in the country, according to gradschoolhub.com.

The listing placed NSU at no. 5, above colleges such as Texas A&M and the University of Georgia. The site qualified the Natchitoches-based university by saying it “is another top public school with an “e-Campus” branch of its main university. Through “eNSU” you can attain an advanced graduate degree in Adult Education, Student Affairs, Educational Technology Leadership, Gifted Education, Early Intervention, Professional Teaching Standards, School Librarian, and much more. Northwestern State offers more unique online master’s in education degrees than any other school on this list, most of which cover teaching/instruction and administrative topics. Post-graduate and add-on certifications further increase the number of options for aspiring teachers attending NSU. The overall low tuition rates at this university provide an added appeal to budget-conscious master’s students.”

Northwestern State listed as one of nation’s top online master’s degree programs.  President Jim Henderson said via a social media post, “Yet another great ranking for NSU online programs.”

Graduate degrees in education are a popular choice for online learners. In many cases, students earn a B.S. or B.A. at a “traditional” school, and then eventually enroll in an online college to earn advanced credentials while continuing to work full-time. Perhaps the biggest draw for graduate programs is the increased salary potential; depending on the subject area, teachers with advanced degrees can make $5,000-$10,000 more a year!

The rankings were determined by tuition, undergrad GPA, delivery modes, number of programs, and categories of study. See more below

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