City of Natchitoches to Enforce Fines for Illegal Dumping and Litter

Items Not Disposed of Properly at Recycling CenterThe City of Natchitoches is reminding residents to dispose of trash, household items, and recycling correctly. The illegal dumping of mattresses, refrigerators, household appliances, and litter in general is strictly prohibited and may result in fines. Per City Ordinance Section 10-78:

“No person, firm, or corporation shall intentionally dump, leave or deposit any glass or metallic objects, trash, refuse, or garbage on any property without permission of the owner of such property, or on any highway, street, alley, park, or other public property, or any lands adjacent thereto. Once it is established that dumped, left or deposited litter was possessed by a particular person, firm or corporation immediately before the act of dumping, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that the possessor committed the act of dumping, leaving or depositing.”

“We have seen an increase in illegal dumping of mattresses and appliances along roads such as Blanchard and Lake Street,” stated Edd Lee, City of Natchitoches Chief of Staff. “This will not be tolerated and the persons found to be dumping illegally will be held accountable. Collecting illegally dumped furniture and appliances takes the time of our Public Works employees who could be using that time to work on other projects.”

All garbage should be disposed of properly by placing in the green trash bins provided while large, bulky items such as mattresses, furniture and appliances should be left curbside for pick up by Progressive Waste Solutions. No garbage of any type should be dumped alongside roads, highways or vacant lots.

Persons found to be in violation of this ordinance shall be fined up to $300 or be ordered to pick up trash for up to 40 hours for first offense; fined up to $400 or ordered to pick up trash for up to 200 hours or both for second offenses; and fined up to $500 or ordered to pick up trash for up to 200 hours or both for third offenses.

In addition, the City of Natchitoches is reminding residents that the Recycling Center located on Mill Street is to be used for recyclable materials only. Paper, plastic and aluminum items such as newspaper, corrugated boxes, cardboard, magazines, mail, office paper, telephone books, shopping catalogues, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic drink bottles, plastic milk jugs and detergent bottles. All recyclables should be placed in the recycling bins available.

Garbage and household items are strictly prohibited and are not to be deposited at the Recycling Center. This includes items such as food waste, yard waste, glass bottles, furniture, appliances, tires, toys, automobile parts, garden hoses, paint buckets, batteries, construction materials, aerosol spray cans, wood, rocks, brick or dirt.

The City of Natchitoches appreciates the public’s cooperation and attention to this matter.  For further information or questions, please contact City Hall at (318) 352-2772.

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  1. I support this move by the City 100%
    Now we hope to see followup and follow through. I urge citizens to call the city as soon as you see violations. Let’s clean up our city. And let’s do our own parts to keep it clean.

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