The Tour de la Rivière Rouge will come through Natchitoches Parish

TDTstageThis September, two of the longest and toughest races for kayaks and canoes in the United States will come through Natchitoches Parish. The Tour de la Rivière Rouge goes from Shreveport-Bossier City to Port Barre in St. Landry Parish, 275 miles via the Red and Atchafalaya rivers. There, some of those racers will join the Tour du Teche 135 for a three-day staged race to Berwick in St. Mary Parish. Those elite paddlers, coming from all over the nation and beyond, will be in the 419 de Louisiane, traveling by sheer muscle power in a week’s time from the top to the bottom of the state.

We are proud of the fact that we’re linking 12 parishes together. As we have done with the four-parish Tour du Teche 135 over the past five years, we would like to display the official flags from all 12 parishes at the starts, finish lines and awards ceremonies. (See the attached photo and information packet.)
If you have a parish flag, and you can give us one, we would greatly appreciate it. Or if we can buy one, that would be fine. If you don’t have an actual flag but you have an image you can email us, we’ll have one made.
Our interest is in having our participants and spectators understand the how many political subdivisions the race crosses.

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Please email me or call me at (337) 394-6232 to let us know what we can do to ensure your parish is represented.

Ken Grissom, Tour du Teche