Fire District 7 Responds to accident.

FireDist7 - JeepNatchitoches Parish Fire District 7 responds to a one vehicle accident with minor injuries on Hwy 120 west of Marthaville.

A Profile of Natchitoches Parish Fire District 7 as provided:

Natchitoches Parish Fire District 7 covers 288 square miles. District 7 is located in the west part of Natchitoches Parish. There are 6 stations within Fire District 7.  There are 16 units in service – It’s takes a lot to keep a fire district together. In March our 3 new 2014 Freight Liner fire units arrived. One of the trucks replaced was donated to a fire department close to Ruston Louisiana.   Natchitoches Parish Fire District 7 is an all volunteer unit.  We are expecting later this year to order more fire units to replace our older units. The older units getting replaced are 1981 models. Every 5 years the insurance commissioner sends a group down to look at the equipment to make sure it is up to date.  They review the paper work and make sure the water can be pumped at their standards.  It takes a lot of money to keep a fire department going. Without the Fire Department Districts of Natchitoches Parish,  good folks could not get insurance or it would be so costly they couldn’t afford it.

District 7 currently has 30 Volunteer fire fighters – most, if not all, have full-time jobs.  Many of them clock out after 10-12 hours on their main jobs and then go straight to a scene. Some go to bed at 10 pm, get paged out at midnight, come home at 2 am and wake again to get ready for work at 4 am. They do not get reimbursed for gas in their personal vehicles. They also do not get reimbursed for the lights/sirens on their personal vehicles. They purchase them out of their own money to better serve their community.  Everyone is encouraged to help your local fire department district. When you have a fire you depend on us.

Natchitoches Parish Fire District 7
PO Box 68
Marthaville, Louisiana 71450