Ponderings with Doug – August 7, 2015

dougthumbI told Stephanie’s daughter all about the interstate exploits of her mother. If you didn’t read last week’s article you are lost as a he haint in high weeds. Stephanie and I spent quite a bit of time swapping yarns. I have several Stephanie stories. Her daughter got some insight into what mom was like “back when.”

Stephanie tried to do a back flip off of the bleachers at East Jefferson High School. She didn’t complete the flip. She landed on her arm and fractured it. She is famous for that adventure. She was rushed to the hospital by the school. Her dad was called. When he arrived in the ER he asked if Stephanie was being treated. Before the receptionist could answer, dad heard Stephanie using very loud very colorful language. He said, “Never mind, I hear her.” Of course half the church had shown up at the ER waiting room by this time to pray for the preacher’s kid. They were privy to her colorful language too. Sometimes there is nothing like being the parent of a preacher’s kid. You have to wonder where do preacher’s kids learn their words.

Stephanie and I also talked about her wedding. After all my Stephanie stories I had to do her wedding. It was glorious. I used my best matrimonial glue and so far it is sticking. She is all grown up now. She has a daughter in High School who doesn’t get away with anything, because of all the things her mom did. Stephanie is one of the big wigs at one of the hospitals in New Orleans. Her colleagues at work see her as cool, calm and professional.

Her life turned out better than her adolescence predicted.

She did tell me something sad while we were gabbing at her grandmother’s visitation.

She said, “I’m homeless.”

I knew she was not talking about her residence but her church.

She unfolded a story of not fitting in and the messages being “theological lectures with little point to them.” She is looking for a new home. I’ve known Stephanie for nearly 30 years. She is a ball of fire. She wants a church that will not extinguish the flame but encourage her to use that fire for Jesus.

Do you feel homeless, restless or tired? I know of a place where the ball of fire will not be extinguished and you will be home.