Parish Public Works Department publishes road work schedule.

The Natchitoches Parish Public Works Department announces that it has scheduled the following road maintenance work for August 10, 2015
a.. Weaver Cemetery Rd (grading and ditching)
b.. Paul Jordan Rd
c.. Water Turkey Ranch Rd
d.. Posey Rd
e.. Mims Rd
f.. Preston Hayes Rd
g.. Nelson Rd
h.. Bay Springs Rd
i.. Lena Rd
j.. Dubois Rd

Note: The grading department is short-staffed by one employee today and one grader is temporarily out of service for maintenance issues but should be up
and running later today.

a.. Repairing Many-Marthaville Rd. with Mini-hoe and black rock
b.. Lake Loop and Mallard Hill (patch with cold mix)
c.. Collins Rd (providing pot hole patching truck is functional)

Note: Only one pot hole patching crew is available today. The pot hole patching truck will be used if maintenance repairs are completed.

a.. Eight Mile Loop
b.. Streets in the Campti area (side-boom cutter)

Note: One bush hog tractor is temporarily out of service for maintenance issues.

6 thoughts on “Parish Public Works Department publishes road work schedule.

  1. Williams north at the end of live oak subdivision, cars hit there and sounds as though their cars are torn up and at any rain, the water stands on the left side of the entrance to the subdivision. Lots of people use this area for bikes and walking.

  2. How about Hart Rd. It is is in horrible shape on both ends and with logging and school buses now running it is almost undriveable

  3. It would be nice if 1226 going towards Goldonna could get repaired. All y’all do is patch it which doesn’t make things a little better but it would be great if y’all would repair the whole road maybe alotta people who live down in there vehicles wouldn’t stay tore up and wouldn’t have to keep buying tires every time they turned around.

  4. Would be nice to see a side arm bush hog being it’s been almost 20 years since our road has seen done.

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