Ponderings with Doug – August 28, 2015


You folks are so kind! Thank you for your kind remarks about these articles. I do enjoy writing them. Recently, it seems my Muse has been on vacation and left me bereft of witty or wise ideas. The Muse usually vacations at this time of year and will return as soon as the first Christmas Festival pole goes up on the Williams Boulevard side of the Cane River. I love Christmas Festival so much that I already have planned 2016! Hey fireworks people, watch your calendar in 2016 because Christmas Eve will be on a Saturday night, again! Don’t make me write another article about Silent Night going Boom Boom.

In a number of these articles I ask you to trust God for your future or I ask you to join us in one of the great churches in our area. Today I am going to ask you for money. You knew it, all we preachers do is ask for money. So I am going to be true to character. How can I accomplish this?

I have been pondering the Amazon delivery system. Amazon envisions a fleet of drones delivering their packages. Could you imagine the sky at Christmas time? I have a friend named Bubba who has already inquired about “drone tags” and the opening date of “drone season.”

I think the church should come up with offering plates on drones. That way if you miss a service we can fly the drone to your house and buzz you for the offering. Also we can install a camera on the offering plate drone to make sure you are a cheerful giver!

Sorry for the brief daydream.

Several Natchitoches churches have joined together to form the Cane River Food Pantry. Currently we distribute food on the second Saturday of each month. The Food Pantry is located on Edwina out by the Detention Center. You can’t miss it. Turn left at the concrete plant and the food pantry is on your left. If you get to the Detention Center you have gone too far, that is true of driving and living!

We need volunteers to help unload the truck from the Central Louisiana Food Bank and then to package the boxes that are distributed on the second Saturday. If you are interested in volunteering, you can call First United Methodist Church and we will put you to work!

If your church is interested in joining in this effort by serving as one of the sponsor churches let us know that. As a reward, your church can nominate two individuals to serve on the governing board.

Now let’s get to the money, currently the food pantry is operating on faith. We tried to pay our Natchitoches Electric Bill on faith, but they told us they couldn’t make change and could we bring cash. The food pantry has expenses. The majority of the food we distribute is purchased from the Central Louisiana Food Bank. We have other minor expenses to pay as any of these non-profit endeavors do.

I am asking you to pony up and help us with the startup costs. Would you, my faithful readers send a one-time check for twenty dollars and fifteen cents? I want it to be that strange amount so when the food pantry people see these checks; they will know it came from one of my readers. I want you to have this crazy amount in your records to remember that in 2015 you helped start something!

Make the checks payable to:

The Cane River Food Pantry
P.O. Box 120
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71458

And “wherever you go, go to church on Sunday!” Now where did I put that drone?