NSU E Lab gets IP grant

IP Grant

International Paper awarded a $10,000 grant to the Northwestern State University Elementary Lab School to support the purchase of books for the school library and support materials for teachers.  School Librarian Lisa Wiggins secured the grant, which is earmarked for projects related to the paper industry, such as classroom supplies, books and other products that will be used by teachers, staff and students.

“We asked the children to create wish lists of what they would like to read and we are adding to our reference library with atlases, thesauruses and non-fiction books,” Wiggins said. “We hope to exhaust all their wishes so they have anything and everything they want to read.”

Wiggins said that in addition to the kindergarten through fifth graders at the school, the E-Lab Library is utilized by teacher candidates and methods students  seeking materials to supplement what they are teaching the classrooms.

“Schools that are doing well don’t often receive the attention paid to schools that are struggling,” said Hunter Whiteley, IP mill manager and an E-Lab parent. “I feel extra good about this donation that will focus on a strong school and make it stronger.”