Tony Davis for BESE 4

Joe Cunningham, III

Joe Cunningham, III

Joe Cunningham is a conservative commentator, Front Page Editor at, contributor to The Hayride, and a teacher in south Louisiana. You can find him on Twitter at @JoePCunningham and on Facebook at

Education has been undergoing quite the revolution in the last several years. Admittedly, in Louisiana, we’ve not been the most consistent at revamping our educational structure. As a teacher and a political commentator, all this talk of standards and Common Core and Bobby Jindal this and David Vitter that… well, it gets a little cumbersome.

The Common Core debate is so incredibly nuanced that, at times, we lose sight of what it actually is, does, and could do. This is because of various power structures, largely bipartisan I might add, that are committed to representing interests over people.

In Natchitoches and the surrounding parishes, we have a chance to try and elect someone to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education who isn’t a rabid supporter or a rabid opposer of Common Core State Standards (or whatever they will be called when the state is done rewriting them). There is an election coming up in which we have a chance to get a more active, thoughtful, and ultimately practical BESE group to get to work on revamping the education system in the state.

One member of the Natchitoches community is running for the BESE District 4 seat, and he is someone I know has the best interests of the education system at heart. Tony Davis, the President and CEO of the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce, qualified for the race last week.

If you don’t know, under Davis’ guidance, the Chamber has done a lot to increase educational opportunities in Natchitoches Parish. He secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to fund various STEM-related programs in the area, and has put into place a very pro-education mentality in the community.

Education reform is, of course, not something that just happens in a few years. But it’s time that we as a state went beyond the talking points of Common Core and actually began working on solutions. Tony Davis is the kind of man who can have that conversation, and he is the kind of man that would make sure students, their parents, and the education system all benefit when a solid plan is implemented properly.

It is paramount that the Natchitoches community supports Tony Davis for BESE 4 this year.

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  1. LABI, who Tony is a board member, is the main monetary and political engine behind the chaos that is happening in education in Louisiana. The parents and teachers of this state and district have been fighting hard to stop this egregious agenda that stems purely from greed and politics. LABI has also fought to silence our teachers who have already been hushed by ed reform at large in the name of accountability (see NOLA link below).

    This debate can go on forever so I will just leave just a few articles the reveal the engine behind Mr. Davis. But in summary, if you want to kill our public school system, ignore the influence of poverty on education, sell our children to big corporations that want to control representative government, punish our teachers, and limit the potential of our children to reach the American Dream then Mr.Davis and the people that are buying his campaign are what you want to vote for.

    • Well stated, Caryn. People, unfortunately and quite sadly, we know what LABI’s interest in Louisiana Education is and it has more to do with the lining of their own pockets than it is for Louisiana’s children, their future opportunities or the quality of their education. Tony Davis is probably a very respectable “go getter” and a “good guy” in his circles, who can “get things done” under business circumstances….but his backing is, as aforementioned, from LABI. LABI is the machine dedicated to the plan of taking our tax dollars, funneling them toward charters (which have no accountability to the parents or the tax payers) and aside from this, basically making money on the backs of our children. Louisiana belongs to us, the people, the parents, the tax payers, the voters…not big business and not bought government. Don’t be beguiled or mislead…LABI’s plan is NOT for the good of your school aged child. Be sure you are registered to vote and be sure to get to the polls and get rid of every “squatter” (political holdouts in office who not representing the will of the people) and make sure no “would be squatter” gets voted in. Ask pointed questions of these candidates and dont let a “pass over” response satisfy you. Get into specifics with this guy…with all candidates. See where they really stand.

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