Ponderings with Doug – September 25, 2015

dougthumbIf you are reading this, it didn’t happen.

If you don’t know, the end of the world or some other apocalyptic event was to happen on Wednesday, September 23rd. I am writing this article on Wednesday morning. I awoke very early just in case it was the last day. Of course, no last day would be complete without anEgg Mc Muffin.Then I went to Walmart for dog food. I bought enough dog food for six days. Did that show my lack of faith?

I can’t figure out what was ending on September 23rd.Too many things are mixed up in all this end of the world mess. The preppers want us to prepare for the end of America. On their websites you can find books about the supplies you will need at the end of time and the ammunition necessary to keep the zombie hoards at bay and the stocks that will grow during the apocalypse thus protecting your retirement. Why do we assume that the end of time means chaos, gunfire and a reordering of our retirement plans?If the EMP asteroid people are right, the earth is wiped out. End of story!

The Christians also pulled out their Bibles and calendars.One guy who has studied the Bible for fifteen years(I rolled my eyes at his credentials, but you couldn’t see that) came up with all these gruesome and far-fetched end of time scenarios happening this week. Did I mention that he has a book for sale? For those of you who are not ancient or a connoisseur of apocalyptic literature, you might not remember Hal Lindsey. Every four years or so, Hal moved his date back and published another book about the end of time. He is living quite comfortably right now on book royalties. What he predicted because he had a “secret” understanding of scripture never happened. End of time books sell, loving your neighbor books don’t. Go figure.

A growth industry was discovered when the preppers went Christian. Now you can purchase ammunition that has been blessed, declared kosher and guaranteed to shoot those heathen zombies who are coming for your stuff. Maybe all this end of times stuff is the adult version of going to a scary movie. We like to be frightened. There are some scary scenarios out there. What Jesus said about the end of time and what this growth industry touts are not close.

I can’t find one passage where Jesus commanded us to build bunkers, arm ourselves and wait for what should be a joyous day of redemption. It seems we are doing the opposite of what the Lord commanded. A better witness to our confidence in Jesus would be to do as He said do, “watch and pray.” Jesus’ idea of watch had very little to do with watching for “signs of the times” and more to do with “watching how you are living.” Are you showing your love for your neighbor or for the stranger? Ah, we don’t buy books on those subjects.

Y’all, by that I refer to my brothers and sisters in Christ, if any of you will claim me; we need to be about the business of Jesus. What is that business? How about telling your neighbor or a stranger about the love of God in Jesus Christ? Can we live with joyous confidence in Christ’s care for us, no matter what?

We are all sinners. Christ died for us while we were sinners. We are made right with God through the work of Christ on the cross. Jesus said, “Repent and believe the gospel.” But don’t stop there. Jesus also said, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

Is your joy complete? Or has your joy been stolen because you are trying to figure out what happens “in the end?” There is only one way to prepare for the end. His name is Jesus. Do you believe in the care of Christ for you? Really? Do you? I am celebrating this last day by asking Jesus to make my “joy complete.”

If you are reading these words, it didn’t happen—again! But don’t give up there is always that red moon on Sunday night!