Visibility Hazards in the City of Natchitoches – can you see the truck?

Bird Ave looking at Williams Avenue

Bird Ave looking at Williams Avenue

The city of Natchitoches or La DOTD needs to address this danger. The telephone company continues to add to the number of items on this corner that restrict visibility. Vehicles traveling on Williams Ave regularly go faster than the 40 MPH speed limit and entering Williams Ave from Bird is a real hazard. I have instructed my family that if I am in an accident due to this hazard, they should seek legal counsel as there are parties that are responsible for creating and allowing this hazard to expand.

There are many other such hazardous intersections inside the city limits of Natchitoches.  If you have identified others, please send a picture and description to  Then report them to the Mayor and each council member.

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The utility boxes make entering Williams Ave dangerous.

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  1. You all are worried about a utility box on Williams. How about the 4 way intersection at church St. and Williams that only has lights for a 3 way?

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