School Board President Resigns – Altorio Holden to fill vacant seat

George Rhymes

Altorio Holden

Superintendent Report:

Old Business

PARC Test raw scores are in and they are comparable to other surrounding districts with the current information.

There was an incident with students and misuse of social media in this incident, Mr. Skinner has addressed the issue and the parent plans to press charges on all who were involved in the incident against his son.

There is still a zero tolerance policy for violence in the parish schools. If students act violently towards another student they will be sent home.

Mr. Skinner and Ms. Page are working on collecting lunch money from the adults that still owe money.

New Business

The council debated on whether or not to consider approving a temporary appointment for the vacant seat on the Natchitoches Parish School Board in light of Mr. Rhymes’s retirement. There was argument over allowing a candidate to be nominated or voted on tonight, and whether or not to allow others to try and apply. The actual election will be held in March. The first name suggested to the board was Ms. Guidro, owner of Natchitoches Physical Therapy with her husband, she has a master’s in Early Childhood Education, 4 years’ experience teaching high school, juvenile services, and studied at NSU along with Tulane. The second name was Mr. Altorio Holden. The council finally decided to vote on the two nominees and Mr. Holden was the selected candidate (5 yes, 4 no, 1 sustained)

Finance, Facilities Services, & Insurance Report

The Board approved a three year Microsoft EES Agreement.

The Board approved Natchitoches Parish Personnel Evaluation Plan for Professional Staff.