City addresses water taste and odor concerns


There have been recent concerns about taste and odor with the City of Natchitoches drinking water.

Consultants advise that the problem is caused by the combination of excessive rainfall runoff into Sibley Lake earlier this year, now coupled with the low water level due to the lack of rainfall in recent months.

Treatment options for this problem are currently being evaluated.  Progress in correcting the problem will begin to be noticeable in the near future.

The water is safe for human consumption a this time and is in compliance with standards set by EPA drinking water regulations.

For more information, please call 318-357-3850.

4 thoughts on “City addresses water taste and odor concerns

  1. if it’s in compliance with EPA standards, why did I get a notice in my September utility bill saying it wasn’t? According to the statement, “the system is currently in violation of the HAA5 standard. Our water is just about undrinkable and smells awful.

  2. In the fall, the city water does sometimes have a slight smell and taste. To me, this is 100 times better than the smell and taste of the chlorine in the water during the “chlorine burn” over the summer. I’m so glad our water is back to normal. I have no problems washing or drinking with the water now.

  3. Who cares if it’s safe it stinks and taste nasty so we have to pay for water we can’t drink and hate to clean up with . Need to fix it soon or give everyone a discount for water we can’t use

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