104 thoughts on “Natchitoches Mayor Posey bans Confederate Flag; HDBA responds

  1. “…and we will comply.” Seriously..?
    What a joke. People please open your eyes. Like it or not it’s our history. Forget it, repeat it.
    I’m not a fan of the British, French, or Spanish flags, all of those which held slaves, but they are proudly displayed all over Louisiana.
    Quit complying. Be men, and raise your children to remember their history, not repeat it. Remind them that this country was made great by people who refused to utter the words “I comply”.

  2. I’ve been attending the Christmas Festival every year for decades. No more, not even carrying my grandchildren. There are other cities that promote the “Spirit of the Season” instead of a city whose Mayor is afraid 1 minority will put them on Fox News. I had 2 Great, Great Grandfathers who fought for the Confederacy and I’m proud of their Southern History. If you can watch a movie like “12 Years A Slave” and not be physically and emotionally moved at the true horror of slavery, then you need to step back re-evaluate your position on the subject. Dinosaurs have dead for millions of years, but we continue talking about them, just as we’ll be talking about Slavery that long if people can not try and mend their feelings and enjoy the “people” instead of the “color”.

  3. I am very disappointed in the decision by Mayor Posey to bow down to the ignorance of those who do not care enough to educate themselves about the true meaning of this flag he has seen fit to ban from the streets of our city during the Christmas Festival, a time when this city that has stood strong by its traditions for so many years, to celebrate the beliefs of proud southerners. To give in to the ignorance of others gives proof to your own ignorance. The flag is not about racism. Its about states rights and proud southerners, both black and white, who found against a government who would seek to rule them and deprive them of their rights to rule themselves. Anyone who thinks otherwise would do themselves a favor to educate themselves. The fact that some choose to view the flag as a racist symbol, does not, in fact, make it a racist symbol. There are those who will search for any issue for which to be offended, in hopes of being granted their 15 minutes of fame. They will feel “proud of themselves” for having made public officials bow to their whims; and then, those people will move on, looking for the next issue for which to be offended. If they would expend half as much effort moving on with their lives, improving their lives, they would find that there, actually, is very little in the great country to be truly offended about. But more importantly, our officials need to “grow a pair” and stop bending over every time someone squawks about being offended about their own misinterpretations of issues. Bad move, Mayor Posey. Weak move, Mayor Posey. And you may feel the full brunt of this decision come the next election.

  4. Lol all this BS about Southern pride and Heritage is just another way to hold on to your racist and KKK ways, pride, and white power crap. That is history and please lock it up at the museums where all the other history is! There is one flag that deserves to be flown and it is the American Flag! I am a white American and I agree with Mayor Posey’s decision. Confederate Sons your time is up!

    • No mam! Their time is not up! It is time for them to STAND UP! The Sons of the Confederate Veterans is in no way associated with the KKK or any kind of racist or white power “CRAP” They are a group of gentlemen whose ancestors fought and some lost their lives for the Confederate States! They were not fighting for slavery…they were fighting for states rights and against big government! And their relatives were VETERANS just like any other veteran that has gone to war or served in the military for their country! What are you going to do when the American Flag offends someone and they want to ban it too! You have got to stand for something or you will fall for anything!

    • I’m sorry Mary that you feel that way. The American flag represents history also. The American flag represents the constitutional right of all Americans. But the government Is piece by piece taking your rights away from you. Our founding father gave the citizens a republic, and made the statement lets see how long you can keep it. Americas pledge was united we stand, divided we fall. Guess what people, more and more each day we the people of the United State are falling. The only group that represents racist are the KKK. You need to educate yourself along with Lee Posey, and Lee Waskom on the true meaning of the confederate flag. It is about state rights, but like everything else it was made racist. The is one more thing I would like for everyone to know, you can not change history, a black man Anthony Johnson owned the first slave Robert Parker bought him and released him. Johnson then sued Parker in court. Know your facts.

    • But it’s OK to hold on to Black Power and the Black lives matter CRAP just looking for a reason to start some trouble

  5. Thank you Mr. Mayor for making the right decision for the 21st Century! I pledge my allegiance to only ONE flag and that is the flag of the United States of America, not to the relic of a lost war.

    • Just to clarify something…the Sons of the Confederate Soldiers do not “pledge allegiance” to the Confederate Flag. But what are you going to do when the American flag offends someone and they want to ban it too?? You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!

    • So on Cinco De Mayo it is the Mexican flag displayed even though it’s not OUR heritage or OUR country that the holiday represents BTW we had the Mexican/American War in 1847 – Mexico was defeated yet their flag is allowed to fly. There are many flags flown in the US that are NOT the US Flag but only the Confederate flag seems to offend. Guess what the Mexican Flag offends me because I pay for illegals to steal from this country and have no say. So in this instance one group of people’s feelings come before many others. This country is on a fast road to hell, shit even the ISIS flag is seen flying nobody having a fit about that one.

    • Whether it hurts your “feelings” or not it’s history, forget it, repeat it.
      I’m not a fan of the French, Spanish, or British flags either, but they remind us, as citizens of Louisiana where we came from. The British, French, and Spanish owned slaves, but Natchitoches displays those.
      Thank God our ancestors knew that they bowed to no one group.
      We’re a country united because no one groups rights should matter any more than another. Forget it, repeat it.

    • Bless your heart Janna….no one is pledging allegiance to the Confederate flag. What they are doing is respecting and honoring Confederate Veterans.

    • What about banning the fleur-de-lis symbol it’s already been shown in history it was used to tag slaves it’s a slavery symbol and people act like they worship it Blacks and whites It needs to be banned also if flag is

  6. Okay, I can’t stop laughing at these morons. and Richard I know you and I am laughing at your comments also. Can no one see the ironic idiocy of banning a flag that offends in a CHRISTMAS festival when we are at a point that we cannot say Merry Christmas any longer??? Hahahaha, all I can say is here are two big names in Natchitoches, Posey and Waskom showing they are not that smart, or special, after all. LOL!!

  7. NO one wins when one tries to please EVERY one! It’s time to stand up and not be ashamed of your beliefs. We will no longer bring our motorhome full of family and friends to your Christmas festival.

  8. i always enjoyed seeing the son’s of confederate veterans march in the parade with there flags .
    everyone who has been at the parade has always enjoyed seeing them .
    we have canceled plans to go to this years parade . we are telling our friends why they should not attend .

  9. I lived across the street from the KKK national headquarters in Baton Rouge, they flew the US flag. Almost every picture of the KKK shows the US flag. The US flag is associated with significant racial abuse and should be held in contempt. For that matter, Lincoln hated blacks and framed his policies as such, lets get rid of the Lincoln Memorial.

  10. I have attended the Christmas festival for several years with friends and family. We also patronize local motels and businesses spending our hard earned money in your city each time. NO MORE, I will not attend again and will make sure everyone I know will not either.

  11. Since when is Santa and elves etc all about Christmas…………Personally I have always kept CHRIST in Christmas!!!

  12. I am so happy to live in a city that practices inclusion–that is the essence of true southern hospitality, is it not? This practice of southern hospitality that we pride ourselves on is centered around making both visitors and locals feel welcome and promoting an environment that is free of hate symbols and tired displays of some “heritage” that I, for one, am embarrassed by.
    I support Mayor Posey’s request wholeheartedly, and I am so happy to see the City of Natchitoches make moves toward removing such outdated and offensive material from its events.

    • Well apparently you are a blooming freaking idiot with your “inclusion BS speech” there sparky. If it was “inclusive” then my southern pride of celebrating MY Heritage would not be “excluded.” Good try, However next time make sure you say “selective inclusion” because you don’t want to hurt feelings of people who feel/believe the way you do but to hell with anyone else. lmao

    • I to am southern born and see no reason to remove a flag that is part of our heritage. I never owned a slove nor did my family. It seems a bit short sighted to yield to each and every demand put forth by any group, black, white or whatever. The war between the states happened. That is a fact that will soon see attempts to have it removed fromour history books. Sorry lady but you must have some deep rooted issues with what you think this flag stands for. The flag removed is the battle flag of the Confederacy, not the flag of the rebels.

    • So with the Gay Pride flag be banned? I find strange men scantly clothed French kissing each other and prancing around with the gay pride flag to be offensive. But I guess I should just toughen up a bit and let them express themselves. But I some redneck wants to waive his stars and bars…absolutely no!!!

    • What difference inclusion of one’s that support it or don’t if you don’t like flag don’t go to parade . We don’t tell Winston how to run the black heritage parade maybe we should

  13. Maybe the mayor should look up the history of the Fleur-di-lis that is splattered all across the middle of the page of his letter. What a totally gutless move. It was a war of northern aggression. Not a racial war.

    • It is not about the war. It is about the contemporary meaning of these symbols. Since 1948, the rebel flag has been used as the predominant symbol of racism and bigotry. It is still commonly brandished by evil groups today. It symbolizes hatred to many. The fleur-de-lis was used to brand slaves during a short period in history. Prior to that, and since, it has been used a beautiful image of heraldry. Its contemporary usage ranges from the Boy Scouts to Hurricane Katrina unity and brotherhood.

      • Actually you are right !!! It has been the symbol of racism & bigotry, made so by those who oppose it !!! Read your history, research your images, the United States Flag (Stars & STRIPES) has actually been the NUMBER 1 SYMBOL OF WHITE SUPRIMACIST HATE GROUPS !!! I am a “PROUD WHITE WOMAN” and I assure you MY Rebel flag (confederate flag would be the Stars & BARS Not the X configured flag – Research that one too) does fly every day & night… I has a U.S. Stars & STRIPES Flag that does too !!! Am I a white supremacist?!? Hell no, however my Husband has faught in not 1 but 2 different wars so idiots like YOU try to preach the history of this country with an apparent low F in that class.

      • Your wrong they are saying it’s a symbol of slavery is why it offends them was no slavery then it’s same exact thing as fleur-de-lis by their thinking All that’s going on is people looking for trouble where there hasn’t been since group has been in parade 20 to 25 years ago

    • Agree ! North against south, not black against white . Wake up Mayor and smell the revenue you’re gonna be losing!

    • Just wait until they realize that LSU Fighting Tigers is named after the famous Louisiana Fighting Tigers of the Civil War. My favorite quote of Gen. Stonewall Jackson when he turned in his saddle in battle to Gen. Richard Taylor of La. “General Taylor release your Tigers”. Oh the stink that will be if they ever read the history books and see where the team name originates!!!!!

  14. The Louisiana State cross country meet will be held next Monday in your city.

    I have always stayed a couple of days and toured the town. I have eaten in your restaurants and purchased items in your local antique shops. I will not do it again this year. Who really is going to loose is the local small business owner. Did you give them any thought when you made this bold decision. As a proud member of The Sons of Confederate Veterans I truly hope you will see the error of this decision. Have a spine Mr. Mayor. No great man in history was ever a coward. How do you want to be remembered.

  15. I will be placing a confederate flag sticker on each parade vehicle. Take me to jail then you ll have a bigger problem. What a hypocrite. Get him out he’s done.

  16. If we can just so easily select what we like and do not like about history, if we can make history as we wish it, why even study it? If we must study it, must we actually have to pay for lies? It seems utterly senseless to do so.

  17. This is so sad. I definately will protest and will not come to anymore Christmas Festivals. You just lost my money City of Lights

  18. Mayor Posey, Natchitoches is my home town. I have gone to the Christmas Festival all my life. I grew up in Natchitoches, graduated from Natchitoches High School. I spent a alot of dollars in supporting Natchitoches.
    I disagee with your decision, on this matter and it will come back to haunt you in your reelection. You have bowed down to a minority of the people who do not even attend or supports the city of Natchitoches. I hope that you will reconsider your decision and let the people in the parade. I stopped bring my family because the sexual explicit bands that are in the parade. This offends me very much. If you stop the Confederates from participating, then you should band the bands that are ugly!!
    I think you have made a very bad decision and have cause a larger problem than what you had.

    • Kenneth you are correct. Those bands dancers are absolutely disgusting. Young girls, taught that sex is the way to perform. I felt like I needed a shower a few years ago after watching one school pass.

  19. Okay Mayor Posey, Where will you draw the line? Just what will you do when some Muslim or atheist demands for the city to take down all decorations concerning Christmas? By banning the Confederate battle flag, you are now open season to any individual or group who is “offended” by anything you do. Do you really think we, the public, are going to believe you would cancel the Christmas festivities if someone feels offended? You know you wouldn’t.

  20. I’m disappointed with all of this BUT most of all my heart is breaking I was looking forward to the parade because truthfully this would have been the first time I would bring my teenagers, my husband and myself to the parade. We were all looking forward to seeing how Southern genital men and women dress back then BUT most of all seeing how Southern Soldiers dress HOW they carried themselves. Seeing the past in a reanactment. We tell OUR children WHAT we were thought in school to see it played out SEE HOW they dress.
    This was another way to keep children, middle school terms, high school terms, college students and history buffs to keep digging learning and LOVING history. I would just would like to point out the Buffalo Soldiers carried the Confederate Flag (if you don’t know who the Buffalo Soldiers are they were YES slaves who were made or volunteered to fight the white North Soldiers but we’re told if they fought THEY would be freed my point is THEY are and were Proud Men. I just thought we were PAST ALL this hate and blame game WE can’t change history there is no time machine can’t change history people. Let our children OUR students even ourselves LEARN about history and how people wore clothing and still look great. I wonder how tourists will like the change. You know the Word Offensive is starting to truly becoming a bad word a word YOU don’t want to hear

  21. I was actually planning on going this year but not now. I’ve always enjoyed the confederate soldiers in the parade since I was a kid. I am 38 now. I NEVER Would have thought Posey would be a racist. I wish Joe was still alive he wouldn’t stand for this.

  22. When I was a child, I was lucky enough to march in the parade with a dance group called the Dixie Show Stoppers. Now as an adult I was so excited that I was once again going to get to March in the parade wearing a Southern Belle dress and walk beside my husband and his fellow members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Not only was the flag banned, but the SCV members were told they would not be allowed to March! How sad that a city so rich in history has given in to political correctness pressure! You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!

  23. I respect and understand feelings about the Confederate Flag, as it is a big part of our history. What I don’t understand is why this is the right time to make a big deal of it. This is Christmas. This is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, not which flag flew where and what it all meant. Why can we not have a little peace, love, and harmony during this season. Please, let’s leave this for another time, for we all know the issue will not go away at the end of December. Let’s just remember the reason for the season.

      • I am only saying that I would like to see the Christmas Festival remain a thing that celebrates Christmas. Why can’t we put aside differences for a short time and just celebrate the reason for the season. Fredericksburg happened in December. Does that cancel out Christmas and what we are doing here. & now. That was a sad time, it is in the past. Christmas is now, and I don’t understand the problem In celebrating Christmas, and leave the other discussion for another day.

  24. Let me get this straight you are worried about a flag, but still promote and profit as a city on plantation tours. I find that very sad on your part. So you get to pick and choose what history you want .

      • It has nothing to do with the Civil War. Have you not seen how the flag has been used since 1948 as a symbol of hate and bigotry? True southerners had a chance to speak up then and prevent racists groups from commandeering their symbol. The swastika was used for thousands of years as a religious symbol. 80 years ago, it was forever tarnished by the Nazis. Symbols have meaning.

  25. I tell you the only reason there is a parade is because of the people like my self that bust there ass for living,like myself! Thats called tax money ! Then u have some called that sit on there ass and draw a check and food stamps . I understand we live in a free country but when u have to take a flag down cause your scared to stand up for what you belive in . You have lost all of my respect ! Its history its what got us where we are today! And by damn am I going to have someone tell me I cant fly mine . Well thats where your wrong!

  26. I can’t believe this I WILL NOT BE GOIN TO THE CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL THIS YEAR this is just pathetic!

  27. What OFFENDS me at the parade are the bands and dance troupes who gyrate in a sexual manner and make me want to yell at them to GET A ROOM! So will those type of groups now be banned?! 🙁

    • Yes, Doris, it offends me too. I wish they would get those groups out. That’s nothing for small kids to see because it sends out negative signals. I would rather expose kids to the history part of our town instead of allowing them to watch all the vulgarity of those dancers and the bands that do that also.

  28. With this action, it is only logical to now decide that no more reenactments be held downtown. Very sad. But it doesn’t matter. I’m sure a lot of money was brought into our city as a result of the reenactment that was held last year. Doesn’t matter. A lot of good will was shared between participants and ALL the people that shared in that event. Doesn’t matter. Live in the past. Dredge up racial problems. Forget the bad, hide it under the rug, don’t learn from it, and help perpetuate tension. Doesn’t matter. This is how freedoms, privileges and rights begin to no longer be important.

  29. I was a really enacted that came to Natchitoches every year. Also past Lt. Cmdr. Of the Louisiana Division. Sons of confederate veterans. People loved a nd cheered us in that parade. It was a war of states rights vs big federal government. Never was black white. The flag that flew over slave ships was the American flag. I am helping organize a boycott of your town and festival. So sad. Yall have become politically correct. Shame on the mayor.

  30. Mayor Posey is just as ridiculous as this removal! Are we gonna tear down all the plantations next, because the heritage behind them offends some people?! He’ll feel the impact of this decision when the festival revenue don’t add up and when it’s time for reelection!! You go mayor, great job!!

  31. It is absolutely disgusting. We are being held hostage by a few. I cannot believe there was any kind of poll here. The Christmas Festival now is more for outsiders than those that live here. Much of the money that comes in leaves with those outsiders. If you’re going to keep everything with respect to Christmas then MANY things need to be banned!

  32. Are you serious!! How about you do your job to keep EVERYONE pleased Lee!! Just because you are afraid of the minority becoming offended and causing an issue, that’s what Law Enforcement officials are there for! I’ve been going to the Christmas Featival for 26 years, my entire life, and only once was there a lethal issue that took place that I knew of, and it wasn’t because of the confedirate flag!! Your supposed to take your publics opinion into a voting manor on something that plays a big part such as this, but yet again you failed to do that! How about you stand up, become a man, and make a public announcement stating it will be there because it is our Heratige and not a racial issue, and that you stand on the fundamentals/background of our state!!! Oh wait, that’s right, your afraid to take a stand in fear of OFFENDING someone. None the less, I WILL not attend this entire festival, and will advise EVERYONE I know not to attend because yet again, politics got in the way of our rights!! What’s next, are you going to jump on the bandwagon of having our 2nd Ammendment Rights taken away as well!!! I’m ashamed of you!

    • Your just mad because your not who u say u are!!! Can’t even be in the sun too long this our earth and will have it back in due time!!

    • Looks like we got a problem here in our little town! Never had one before with the Confederate Marchers!!! Why stir the pot NOW? Whoever has a problem with the flag don’t have to come to the parade. Simple as that!!!

  33. You have to remember that the flag we use as the Confederate Flag is really a battle flag. It was a flag that symbolized rebellion against the United States of America. I applaud the mayor’s decision about the parade. It’s like not firing guns in the parade. There’s no need for it. For one thing, that flag doesn’t exactly say “Merry Christmas”. For another, being sensitive to others’ feelings should be a good thing. The majority(?) doesn’t always rule. No, your rights aren’t being trampled. I fully support your flying the Confederate Battle flag in your yard. You can even paint your house like the flag.

    • Richard Rose, what kind of Christmas message is sent out by the vulgar dancing in the parade? If a flag is offensive, why is vulgarity not offensive? If someone makes a big fuss over the dancers and bands that gyrate and hump, will they be kicked out of the parade? If so, let’s hear from the ones who are offended by them.

    • Well the problem is there are people offended by CHRIST,shrinners,pork, women not covered up, gays,politicians, saggy pants, talking on cell phones, smoking ,tobacco products etc. If you ban everything a minority group of people is offended by what’s use of doing any parades ,festivals . How bout everyone just go to work if you do then go home don’t talk unless it’s about work THAT WAY NOBODY will be offended

  34. banning the confederate flag was the wrong move mayor posey. you should have thought this through better. i will no longer give your city my tourism money. and i am sure more people feel like i do compared to the small minority who dislike the flag. that flag is part of our history and it does and always will represent the men who died to protect your city and others like it all across the south. there are many, many people who want their ancestors honored. i for one will honor mine by not giving your city my money nor my time. that was a cowardly move sir. may you be quickly removed in the next election.

  35. Why was this not put on the voting ballot? If this offends some, how long before we shut the doors on all things offensive. Because soon someone will be offended that you took away our history and find your are offensive. Will you step down?

  36. I bet the MAJORITY of th public does NOT view the Confederate flag as a racial symbol , but rather a symbol of heritage and history and respect. Why take away our rights just to satisfy a minority of the public when the majority of the public has a different view or opinion of the Confederate flag ? It is disrespectful and dishonorable to the soldiers (black AND white) who died defending that flag . Does this mean you are also going to ban the word “Christmas” from the parade also ? This is REDICULOUS ! ! !

  37. How did you arrive at this decision,did you take a poll?I was never a fan of the Confederate Flag like Some;But,on the “Other Hand”,I knew that It Represented part of our heritage,my heritage,being in the South and all.I would imagine that the people who fought and died for this flag probably believed in It as much as Patriots believe in the American flag.I don’t believe in destroying something until “All” are in agreement.When does taking away our History Stop…… Where does It Stop?

  38. This Flag have been in this parade for as long as I can remember!!! I am sick and tired of being “scared” of offending someone . But if it is a Christian or Confederate Heritage background there seems to be a double standard for us but anyone else gets their belief and or their Heritage cram down our throats but we have to suck it up when it comes to our background’s! There are several things in the parade that offends me …like little girls all painted up to look like they are 22 years old and out there shaking their butts and everything else they have for 100,000 people to see. These men walked proudly down the street and they do not say a word to anyone . They probably had family that died in the Civil War and they are proud to represent their families. !

  39. Absolutely pathetic! You have now created a problem and made it a racial issue by doing this. The Miss Black Heritage float then offends me and is racist. Many men died for the south, the state you live in! Show some pride!

  40. This family and many others will NOT! Attend any more Natchitoches Christmas festivals or anything of the sort until the flag and the SCV are allowed in the Natchitoches festival.

    • This is a Christmas Festival. I encourage you, and others, to celebrate the Confederacy on Confederate Memorial Day. It could even be a state holiday like in Mississippi.

      • That’s not the point! The Sons of Confederate Veterans are now not attending this year because of someone trying their best to start a racial issue in a community of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Native Americans who have been getting along for years and no one has ever said anything negative about the battle flag. Kids of all colors love this part of the parade with the guns and cannon and colorful costumes. I have been proud of the fact that people of all colors and cultures get along in our city and now ONE person can start an issue that may take all of that away. What a shame. Why don’t we just have two festivals? One on one side of town and one on the other if you want division in culture, then do your own thing and attend the one that fits your bill. Tired of the rants!!

        • To “Me”. Thanks for changing the subject and continuing the ranting. The city (this decision was not made by just the mayor) is not trying to start conflicts between the races. The “citizens” do a good enough job of that. As for my opinion, from this point on, I will keep it to myself and spend my time in a more effective way – watching football. This may be a relief for some people.

      • A nut kid murders people in a black church in South Carolina and the left uses it as a major propaganda effort against southern heritage and culture. Taking our heritage away from us bit by bit through the years and you’ll see that people without their heritage as a foundation for their society will suffer.
        These same people tend to be democrat activists who want to turn the South blue and build a one party nation dedicated to a culture primarily created by those who recently came here to change this country into a new order…..that new order is not what the citizens of Louisiana want, need or appreciate.

      • Then nothing should be in it but Santa, elves, snowman ect… only thing directly for Christmas. You seem to keep saying Christmas Christmas Christmas. It makes people upset that they choose to take out the people of history and leave a bunch of others that walk, dance and ride in it which has nothing to do with Christmas either. If they can’t March in it them none of the others should either. .. with that being said it should have been canceled all together. Every one including you keep saying it’s about Christmas now tell me sir what does all the others that aren’t dressed as santa, elves, snowmen ect… have to do with Christmas!!!!

  41. What about all the years it did not cause a “substantial disruption”? Are we now pretending like they don’t exist?

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