Bedgood’s Bravado

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I noticed that Parish Councilman Rodney Bedgood has gotten placed on the Agenda for the upcoming Council meeting consideration for a pay raise for the Council members. Really? Is this the same group that has sat on their collective hands for the past four years; not a single member of the Council had the intestinal fortitude to offer real suggestions to be considered for the improvement of the roads of the Parish. And is this the same Mr. Bedgood who sought and was recently re-elected to this job? I do remember Mr. Bedgood for his antics at one Council meeting. It seems he had some photographs that he was sharing with the other members…jumping around from person to person pointing out that his constituents had to drive on these roads… Oh, not to forget, the reason for Mr. Bedgood’s animated behavior — it was being considered to pay a private land owner to pick up litter around a dumpsite which was located on his property. THE COUNCIL VOTED NOT TO DO THAT.

We all hear and grow tired of hearing about the ‘records’ of those elected to public office. The issue here begs the question, “What has the Council accomplished?” More importantly, what has been done that would bring an improvement to the worn out roads of Natchitoches Parish? Have the accomplishments of the Council been so numerous that the citizenry feels compelled to pay more for their service? Hardly.

I have no idea what the pay should be, but I would suggest that, based on the past and current performance, that a method of ‘repayment’ should be made available for those on the current Council. The citizens of Natchitoches Parish have for too long been underserved by those elected to serve. A little more than four years ago, it was voted that the Home Rule Charter be adopted, replacing a century or more of the former police jury. That was progress, but some on the current Council seem unashamed to hinder that progress in any way possible. The very idea of a pay raise should have been repressed by anyone with a conscience. Could that be…?

6 thoughts on “Bedgood’s Bravado

  1. I think council members should get a raise,once they do the job they were elected to do.The roads in this Parrish alone are some of the worst I have ever seen,and they are tearing up my vehicles and everyone elses around town.I can we be ranked best place to retire when are roads look like a war zone ? you would think our elected officials would take more pride in our city.

  2. If anyone deserves a pay raise it should be the Head Start teachers. They operate their classrooms on a shoestring budget and have to spend their own money lots of times on things for the classroom. I worked in the classroom for 20 years and my retirement pay isn’t much more than the 500 dollars that the councilmen receives per month. Teachers work HARD EVERY DAY and deserve more pay than they are currently receiving.

  3. As usual, you have no idea what is going on down here in Natchitoches Parish, Having spoke to every one of the council members, which apparently is something that you have never done, the reasoning behind putting this before a vote of the council is because they are only getting $500 a month. If you remember right, going from 11 to 5 districts meant that the size of a district would increase which it did. Districts 4 and 5 (Bedgood and Salter, (soon to be Rachal’s) districts) actually make up about 80% (if not more) of the parish, which is one of the largest in the state.. I personally think that council members should be compensated for their expenses related to the job.. And the expenses of district 4 and 5’s councilmen add up to well over the $500 they get under the home rule charter.

    $500 is not a lot when you figure in what they have to do, Lord knows that this parish’s money situation has been well publicized but there should be enough in the general fund to take care of a little extra to help these council members with their expenses, its not like they could use the funds on roads (or would).

    Or just continue on if you think that these people should pay out their own pocket to do what they do. How is it done in Ruston where you are? I keep hearing progress, but have yet to see any from anyone in this parish.. How is it done in Lincoln Parish? Oh wait, Unless something has changed, just like EVERY other parish in North Louisiana, they are still on the police jury system, which seems to work!!! I guess when they have a bad representative on their jury, they vote them out instead of changing the form of government..

    • Yes John McAlpin, Dennis has a very good idea of what is going on. You are the one who started the negative Facebook page on parish roads. You seemingly wanted to be a big shot, have been negative the entire time. I saw you at the Parish Council meeting where you seemingly said you understood the problems we had when Nick Verrett laid out the budget for everyone and showed that the lack of funding was largely a big part of the problem. Now here you are, someone who does not pay hardly any property taxes, does not and has not had a job last time I checked. You offer no solutions, yet you love to criticize and keep your Facebook page going although it has mostly died off. Get a life John.

      • Never wanted to be a big shot, just was the person who said enough is enough about the horrid conditions of the roads and decided to speak up. I understand that the budget is a wreck, that is not in dispute. What is in dispute is the fact that the parish is not using what little money they do have in the best manner possible. I was told, though I have not seen it with my own eyes that the parish was going to give more raises to the employees of the highway dept this next year. Now I am not concerned as much about that if that is going to the workers that do the repairs, but I can only assume that it will also include all the “supervisors” down there. I may not have my name on a tax bill in this parish, but my family does. We may not own a lot of property but we are citizens of this parish and actually LIVE HERE!! What I do for a living is really none of your business. You want to talk about my background for some reason, while there are SEVERAL questions about yours. Here is the difference between me and you, I know that its not reverent to the discussion, so I don’t bring it up. That is all I am going to say about it. By the way, My Facebook page is still going, its not dying off. Its not my fault that people like yourself didn’t understand the rules and couldn’t stay. Sure this boils down to politics, but we are going to have to work together to get a solution to the problem. I am willing to work with Mr Nowlin and the council to see that through. As long as the roads in this parish are in the condition they are in, I will be around. I have nothing to gain from this, just better roads for me and my neighbors here in Natchitoches Parish

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