Ponderings with Doug – December 18, 2015

dougthumbSunday I was preaching. For some reason, which eludes me now, I made reference to seeing a truck on the Interstate. It was a very specific truck which I followed all the way to Alexandria. I was in hopes the truck would exit in Alexandria and I could continue my pursuit. The truck was a Blue Bell ice cream truck.

I have missed Blue Bell for all these weeks. I had friends who had stored up the ice cream and even they had run out of their private supply of Blue Bell. One of the important Christmas traditions around my house involves Blue Bell Peppermint Ice cream. I am still hoping the tradition will happen this year.

There have been whispers of a map that reveals when various regions of the southern United States will be supplied with the heavenly ice cream treat. I have consulted the maps.

I followed the truck in hopes that there was some early distribution of the holy ice cream. No such luck. That truck blew through Alexandria completely.

For some reason this seemed germane to the sermon on Sunday. Actually it works for this article too. We are living in that anticipation time. I am waiting for Blue Bell to arrive in the grocery stores of Natchitoches.

Children are awaiting the arrival of Santa and the goodies he will bring. Adults are awaiting the arrival of Christmas family guests especially those grandchildren. Methodist preachers are anticipating Christmas Eve services at five and seven, because the church is filled with Children of God bathed in candlelight. The world is awaiting redemption. The only way things will get better in our world is Jesus. Jesus living in the lives of His children. Jesus returning to bring history to a conclusion. We are told that even creation is groaning for the day of redemption. Jesus is the antidote to the darkness in our world.

We are all waiting on something.

So the Blue Bell ice cream truck reminded me of anticipation and I mentioned following it in the sermon on Sunday. When the sermon was over, we had a couple of worship songs before the benediction. As we were singing a little boy walked down the aisle and stood beside me. He had a question.

“Preacher, do you know when the Blue Bell ice cream truck is coming here?” It was the best part of a really great Sunday morning.

That is a great theological question. It is a question of anticipation and hope. Are you feeling anticipation and hope? Is the excitement of Christmas anticipation building for you?

The Blue Bell ice cream truck will be in Natchitoches on December 21st.

Merry Christmas.