A Week Without Politics


Joe Cunningham, III

I apologize that this week’s column is so short, but I’ve essentially been on vacation for a week. From last Monday to last Wednesday, I was in Dallas, Texas, fighting with my wife over who was going to hold our brand new niece next. We found out our niece was coming on Monday morning and we spent the entire day driving to Texas (we spent the entire day on the road because we had a blowout on the way to Dallas, which is a family tradition).
From Monday morning, when we got on the road, to today (Monday, December 28), I was completely off the grid in terms of politics. Sure, I caught a few news stories here and there but, for the most part, I did not write anything political. I have no idea what went on, nor do I really care. Instead, I focused on convincing the newborn niece that I am better than her aunt (my wife), spending time with family, reading and playing with my daughter and her new toys. I even went to go see the new Star Wars movie (it was awesome).

And, you know what? It was the most peace I’ve felt for a long time and it perfectly illustrates the dangers of living the all-political life. When everything is politicized, you start worrying about how every little thing in life is somehow political. You get almost paranoid that something is supposed to try and subvert what you think and make you switch sides.

The media is too conservative or too liberal. Movies are trying to rewrite history. Books are too slanted to read. Don’t listen to music because the singer supports someone for president. Don’t watch this team play because their star athlete expressed a political opinion you don’t like. We’re letting the politicization of everything ruin our relationships with our friends, family, and the world around us.

The political life is one that runs the risk of making us hate so many things. And, if I’ve learned anything from Star Wars, it’s that hate leads to the Dark Side (otherwise known as the Donald Trump campaign). Have a Happy New Year, everyone.

Joe Cunningham is a conservative commentator, Front Page Editor at RedState.com, contributor to The Hayride, and a teacher in south Louisiana. You can find him on Twitter at @JoePCunningham and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jcunninghamwrites.