NPJ welcomes new staff writer


Natalie Covher

Natalie is a lifestyle writer that knows where to go, what to do and how to have fun in Natchitoches Parish. Originally from Washington State, she has lived in Louisiana for 15 years.  She feels that being a non-native gives her a unique perspective and appreciation for the beauty, culture and history of the State. Both Natalie and her Husband, Corbin Covher, are alumni of Northwestern State University where they met and fell in love. After living in New Orleans for three years, the couple decided to return to Natchitoches and call it home. Natalie sits on the board of the Natchitoches Historic Foundation and is a member of the Natchitoches Young Professionals.

While the couple is putting down roots in the community and starting a family, Natalie continues to reach for her goal of growth, promotion and preservation of the Parish.  Follow Natalie at the Natchitoches Parish Journal to find your niche in Natchitoches Parish.

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