Student leaders get up close look at New Hampshire primary

SGA to Students

Matthew Whitaker, left, and Tre Nelson.

Northwestern State University students Matthew Whitaker of Winnfield and Tre Nelson of Prairieville got a first hand look at the nation’s first presidential primary by attending the New Hampshire Primary Student Convention in Manchester, New Hampshire, last week.

Whitaker, the Student Government Association president, and Nelson, a member of the Student Senate, attended workshop sessions and talked with student leaders from around the country.

“We got a number of tips from other SGAs about things we could bring back to Northwestern,” said Whitaker. “We learned about how other student governments are set up, how they get funding and handle legislation. It was good to learn that other SGAs face many of the same problems that we have.”

The students heard from presidential candidates Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Martin O’Malley, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, other elected officials, political analysts, media covering the primary and interest group leaders.

“It was an awesome experience to have the opportunity to meet some of the presidential candidates and hear them speak in person,” said Nelson. “We got some great ideas from other colleges and universities and shared with them some of our successful programs.”